#40 DIY Vegan Recipes for Halloween Party Food Ideas

Halloween is coming within a few weeks and we must complete our last minute planning or preparation as soon as probable to celebrate the festivity to the utmost.

Food is a very important part of any carnival and a perfect Halloween festivity is literally incomplete without some tasty treats.

People, who are vegan and could include any non-veg items in their celebration must not feel discouraged, as there are a plethora of delicious recipes you can find from the vegan category.

So, let our discussion begin over some supremely tasty vegan recipes for vegetarian people, which are utterly apt for a rocking Halloween party.

Check the entire list to pick the suitable one according to your taste and let the festivity begin with the ideal treats-

1. Unsweetened Coconut Milk & Gluten-Free Vegan Ghost Cupcakes:

This is a cute-looking chocolate cupcake recipe which comes with a tasty creamy topping along with two cute choc chip-made eyes. Use chocolate-colored cupcake liners for this type of ghost cakes to get the perfect appearance of a ghost with the precise amalgamation of brown and white colors.

Tutorial – ghost-cake

2. Non Dairy Chocolate with Vegan Marshmallow for Frankenstein Brown Rice Crispy Treats:

This is a tasty and crispy treat recipe that is made of brown rice along with a chocolate dressing. Use marshmallow pieces to make the eyes and ears of the Frankenstein’s face and insert Popsicle’ sticks to make your tasty treat easy-to-hold for your Halloween guests. Increase the baking session of these treats depending on the crispiness you want in your rice-snacks.

How to make – fork&beans

3. Vegan Sausages and Young Jackfruit for Swamp Monster Vegetable Gumbo ( Slow Cooked):

This is a healthy and tasty vegetable gumbo recipe that serves with crispy bone-chips to give the swamp monster theme a natural boost. The ingredients used here are okra, tomatoes, and stringy jackfruit along with vegan sausage to make a perfect gumbo for your cauldron serving bowl.

Recipe Steps- Monster-gumbo

Few Halloween Veggie Tray Ideas ( Some are not Vegan)


4. Make Vegan Gingerbread Skeleton Cookies with Gluten-free Flour and Almond Milk:

Gingerbread cookies are one more brilliant recipe to try during the festival of Halloween these super-soft cookies are made in the shape of cute men-skeletons and emphasized with the creamy layer as the structure of the bones. This recipe is the perfect pick for Halloween gusts; try to serve it in hot condition to get the best softy effect of gingerbread cookies. Being a gluten-free this would be also a healthy treat too for your tongue.

How to Bake- Halloween-cookies

Few More Vegan Halloween Cookies


5. Cook Smoked Paprika Black Bean Organic Pumpkin Soup (Halloween Spider Web Soup)):

This is one more spectacular recipe for Halloween festival that suits best for your lunch or dinner table flawlessly. In this recipe, health gets more priority than taste where pumpkin and black bean make a perfect combo. The creamy seasoning in the shape of spider web over the soup bowl, make this preparation an ideal pick for a creepy Halloween festivity indeed.

Instructions for the soup- soup-life

6. Bake Paleo and Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Pumpkin Tart:

Here is one more Halloween recipe we are mentioning that is prepared in the shape of weird cobweb shape and gives us an appropriate Halloween feel with its creepy appearance. Use the crusty base for your decadent tart that is stuffed with the combination of pumpkin and chocolate filling in a perfect way. Sprinkle a handful of choc chips over the top to make your tart more crispy and yummy from all aspects.

How to Bake – unconventional-baker

7. Bake Some Black Widow Spider Cupcakes with Unsweetened Almond Milk and Gluten-free Chocolate Sprinkles:

Creepy spider cupcakes are definitely one brilliant preparation to add in your Halloween celebration. Use coco-made stripes to make the legs of your tasty back widow spider and two white-creamy eyes, which are highlighted with choco-chips would be the best adornment for these types of spooky yet yummy cupcakes.

How to bake these cupcakes- black-cupcakes

8. Make Carrot Rice Balls -Jack o Lantern Halloween Party Foods with Black Olives:

This recipe is full of healthy carbs and thus good for the health of your kids. So, if you are looking for a suitable Halloween preparation that could fulfill the nutrition value as well then, this will be the best recipe for you. Use jalapeño or green chilies to make the hat of pumpkin head keep the mouth little twisted for the best spooky view.

How to cook the roll balls- pumpkin-head

9. Make Mummy Cookies with Vegan Butter and Non-Dairy Milk:

These super cute mummy cookies would change our conventional fright of mummies into a likeness due to its adorable flaunt. Use refined flour for the base of your cookies and vanilla frosting for the mummy wraps. You can change the ingredient based on your availability for the big weird eyes of the mummy, but marshmallow would be one of the best choices in this regard.

How to bake them in your oven- Gluten-free-cookie

10. Bake Halloween Black Widow Cake for Party Foods with Soft Licorice :

We have already shown how beautifully a black widow spider merges with the theme of Halloween. So, making a black widow chocolate cake along with its cobweb would not be a bad idea at all, what do you think?

Via- vegan-cake

Few More Vegan Cakes for Halloween


11. Bake Some Creepy Crawly Spider Sugar Cookies with No Eggs and Non-Dairy Butter:

This is one more adorable yet creepy Halloween cookie recipe that is baked with various types of spiders over a spider web surface. These sugar cookies are the perfect treat for people with sweet tooth. Try to serve is with a glass of milky smoothie to increase its deliciousness more surprisingly.

How to bake “311 calorie sugar cookies” for Halloween party foods- spider sugar cookie

12. Bake Halloween Vegan Monster Donuts with Mashed Blue Berries and Spinach:

Well, donuts are everyone’s favorite, hence including a donut recipe with the Halloween theme is just the thing we were looking for! Use some colorful frosting layer for a creepy view of the donuts and use edible eyeballs for the toppings of your donuts instead of confectionary sugar for a suitable flaunt of your theme.

How to bake these donuts – Vegan monster donuts

13. Bake RIP Zesty Tombstone Cookies on Graveyard Chocolate Mousse Pots :

How about getting a Goosebumps feeling of graveyard through a tasty treat during your Halloween celebration? Well, these taco cups in the shape of single graves would give you a perfect graveyard feeling along with an unforgettable taste of taco with the lip-smacking choco-dip. Try to merge the velvety chocolate mousse with Nakd-bar crumble toppings to get a perfect combine taste of crispy and creamy choco from your cup treats.

How to make these zesty cookies and chocolate mousse – Halloween mousse pots

14. Bake Dairy Egg Corn Free Spooky Halloween Ghost Pizza with Sun Dried Tomato:

Pizzas are easy-to-make at home, especially when you have microwave or pizza maker in your kitchen. So, try to give your guest a pizza treat in this Halloween celebration with these spooky-looking tasty homemade pizzas with just a few simple culinary steps. Marconi is a great ingredient to use on pizza, try to apply it to make weird eyes of your monster face pizza and use different shapes for each pizza to get diversity in this single spooky theme. Pumpkinhead, mummy, monster, ghost protocol, etc. are some patterns you can try here as the pizza crust.

Step by step recipe pictures for baking these Halloween pizzas- Halloween-pizza

15. DIY Chocolate Witches’ Hat Vegan Iced Cupcakes with Minty Coconut Cream:

Cupcakes are always preferable for a Halloween treat and thus, here we again come up with a cupcake recipe in a different type of spooky pattern for your Halloween festivity. The mint and chocolate made witches’ hat over the chocolaty cupcakes give us a perfect ghostly view for an ideal Halloween celebration from every aspect.

Baking and molding – vegan cupcake with witch hats

16. Bake Stuffed Mushroom Eyeball Appetizers for Halloween Party Foods:


Mushroom lovers know the amazing taste of stuffed mushroom, which gives us the exact non-veg taste in a clean vegan recipe. Hence, including a stuffed-mushroom preparation would not be a bad idea for a Halloween festivity, right? Use olive slices to make the black portion of an eyeball and apply some saucy red layers around the eyeballs to make them look even creepier with blood stripes into each eyeball.

Halloween stuffed vegan mushroom recipe- creepy-eyeballs

17. Stuff Cooked Lentils Zucchini Corn Tomato Mix in Carved Jack o Lantern Peppers:

Stuffed pepper is an easy-to-cook recipe of all time that could be cooked with any type of stuffing ingredient based on your choice. Here we use lentils to get a perfect combination of health and taste in a creepy vegan preparation. Merge dry lentils with corn kernels to get a crispy taste of your stuffed pepper along with a pungent flavor. Remember that more colorful bell peppers you can use, more vibrant your Halloween table would be.

Recipe tutorial and jack o lantern carving- stuffed peppers recipe for halloween

18. Silly Monster Strawberry Apple Bites with Sunflower Seeds and Homemade Monster Eyes:

A monster face is a common theme for Halloween thus; you can apply it to various types of recipes from cakes to snacks and from crispy treats to fruit bites. Here we are using green apple bites with a strawberry punch which representing the face of the silly monster in a cute way. Use sunflower seeds to make the creepy teeth of your monster face over a frightening red tongue that is made of strawberry slices.

How to make the monster face – Apple strawberry monster bites for Halloween

19. Voodoo Halloween Dead-Man Burgers:

A burger is a complete appetizer which is the red-hot favorite of this generation and extremely easy-to-make for even your kids with just a few plain burger ingredients. This recipe will show you how a vegan burger tastes amazing using vegetable-made gingerbread at its stuffing. Use tomato ketchup to get a bloody surface of the dead man inside the giant face of a burger.

Recipe instruction – vegan burger recipe

20. Veggie Loaf Coffin and Mashed Potato Ghosts:

This is a tasty combined recipe merge vegetable-made loaf with smooth mashed potato and provides us with an unforgettable vegan taste along with a weird look. Use tomato ketchup to make the highlighted coffin cross on the vegetable loaf. Use a mashed potato to make the ghosts around your vegetable coffin and get a spooky feel in your dining table along with a proper nutritious value.

How to – vegetable loaf and mashed potato ghosts

21. Paleo and Gluten-Free Witch Finger Cookies with Strawberry Jelly for Red:

This is a perfect snack for Halloween party where the weird finger-shaped bite would give you a perfect Halloween feel along with crispy taste. Use roasted almonds to make the nails of witch fingers and press each nail firmly before baking, so then, any almond wouldn’t be displaced from any finger at the end of your course. You can fry these snacks instead of baking them, but baked recipes always provide us with more health than the fried ones.

How to bake cookies and prepare strawberry jelly- Paleo vegan witch finger cookies

22. Tortillas with Avocado Mash -Witch Guacamole Dip Halloween Appetizers:

How about having a creepy witch face on your dinner plate during the festivity of Halloween? Well, this would definitely be surprising for your guests or house member to get such tasty yet absolutely suitable recipe for Halloween carnival. Use choco-flavored tortilla chips to get a perfect resemblance of witch-hat green avocado mash for the scary witch-face. Salad-made facial features would be the best pick for this type of recipes. Use carrots, tomatoes, baby corn, cucumber and olives properly to make the face scarier from every aspect.

Recipe Tutorial – Wtich Guacamole dip for halloween

23. Non-Dairy Cheese Skeleton Skull Pizza with Jalapenos Olives and Baby Tomatoes:

This is a simple pizza recipe prepared in the shape of a scary skeleton face and thus perfectly suits the theme of Halloween.

how to bake – skeleton-pizza

24. Seaweed and Vegan Cheese Frankenstein Avocado Toasts for Halloween Food Ideas:

A bread toast with green coating and Frankenstein facial features would be an appropriate treat for your Halloween celebration. You can use avocado-mash and green jam both to get the perfect face of Frankenstein in the proper dimension. Use the salad slices here as well to make the features of your green monster in a healthy way.

Avocado toast recipe- Halloween Avocado Frankenstein Toast

25. Make these Vegan Halloween Falafel Fingers with Chickpeas & Split Peas:

Fingers could give us just the ideal theme for a scary Halloween theme on your perfect Halloween party. This vegan snack is surely a great choice for a Halloween party where lentils, vegetables, and root veggies make a perfect combo in a creepy flaunt.

How to bake- Split pea chickpea Halloween falafel fingers

26. Gulp Some Tangy Healthy Harry Potter Felix Felicis Magic Portion Smoothie:

How about making a perfect drink for a Halloween party? Well, this is the best choice for your which will give you the perfect Harry Porter feel with its magical view, apart from its amazing flavor.

Run them in a juicer- Magic potion recipe

27. Vegan Avocado Pudding Stuffed Chocolate Cupcake Spiders with Licorice Legs:

This is one more cupcake recipe again made in the shape of a weird spider and thus, gives us the ideal Halloween feel with its chocolaty savor.

How to stuff and ice these cakes- Avocado pudding chocolate spider cupcake

28. Dark Chocolate Coconut Ghosts:

This is a sweet chocolaty treat for a chocolate lover that taste absolutely diving with its creamy coconut topping along with cute spooky appearance.

Recipe Idea- choco-ghost recipe

29. Vegan White Chocolate Banana Monster Pops and Mummies :

Well, this is a unique Halloween treat choice that goes remarkably with the Halloween celebration from every aspect. Use differ toppings for different pops to maintain its diversity deliciously.

Easy banana pop recipe – banana monster pops

30. Weird Stevia Flavoured Orange n Carrot Worms and Dirt Chocolate Pudding Cup:

Escaping worms from dirt bowl would be one more magnificent treat idea for a rocking Halloween party table. So, make your pudding bowl in this shape and see how amazingly you can surprise your guests along with a sweet tang.

How to make pudding, crumbling cookie dirt and wiggly worms- Chocolate pudding and Halloween worms

31. Halloween Vegan Candy Corn Recipe

How to make vegan candy corn

32. Vegan and Guten Free Monster

Gluten free monster cupcakes

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