#25 DIY Colorful Unicorn Craft Ideas: School Supplies, Cute Decors and Toys

Unicorn is that special fantasy creature that enhances our childhood time with its magical imaginative existence.

It is hard to find a person, who never wants to see a unicorn in a dream in their whole life! Obviously, this is a common reason to use the pattern of this magical mammal in various crafts and things in our regular life, as this type of attempt helps us to feel the affection of a unicorn more deliberately.

From costume to back-to-school supplies, gift box to a pillow, and from bookmarks to other useful crafts, we love to get the shape or touch of a unicorn in every type of craft, isn’t it?

The DIY process makes the possibilities even easier to get the touch of a unicorn in our desirable craft. so, here we go with the best DIY unicorn crafts ideas, which will help you to relive the back-to-school supplies memory in an extravagant way. Let’s explore them quickly and try your hand in any of your preferable unicorn craft accordingly-

1. Turn a Clay Pot into Pretty Unicorn Planter DIY with Glue Gun, Sharpie and Glitter:

You can actually get a magical touch in your planting area with just a single unicorn planter around the corner. Unicorn pot or planter is like a regular planter but only comes with a little makeover of the magical creature unicorn on its outside. This project will show you how brilliantly a simple unicorn pattern planter could revamp the whole look of your plating area in the easiest way.

Supplies needed: Claypot, White paint, Sharpie Markers, Glitter, Glue gun, Paper flowers, and White rocks

How to make unicorn planter

2. DIY Unicorn Colorful Tutu with Tail and Headband with Golden Horn for Halloween Costume :

A Halloween party is literally incomplete without a unicorn in it, right? Thus, it won’t be a bad idea to prepare a super chic unicorn costume for this year Halloween celebration in advance. You will be wondered to know that how much quick & easy a costume creation could be, after validating this supremely exciting unicorn project through a DIY process.

Supplies Needed: Hot glue gun, Unicorn horn, plastic headband, unicorn ears, plastic large and small flowers of your choice and felt discs and for unicorn tutu, you may need yards of tulle on 3 different colors and stretchable headband, scissors, cardboard and sewing machine.

Tutorial diywithashley

3. Make Your Own Unicorn Themed Back to School Supplies: Notebook, Sharpener Eraser, Unicorn Poop, and Pencil Pouch:

Here we come up with 5 cool DIY unicorn craft ideas for you which are extremely easy to make but outstanding to look and very useful for our regular utilization. These are actually back-to-school crafts as book supplies which you can make for your personal use or even gift someone for a special occasion or party purpose. So, bring the supplies and test your crafting skill in the swiftest way with these super chic DIY unicorn crafts in the smartest way-

Supplies Needed: Paper, Glue, Nail polish, Scissors, Glue gun, Felt, Glitter, Clay, Foam paper, sharpie, and baking process you have to take care of.

Do it yourself Video for Unicorn school supplies

4. Get Free Pattern for this Easy Colorful Fleece Unicorn Pillow:

A DIY fleece unicorn pillow is a great way to get the feeling of this loving magical creature in your home furnishing. The free-pattern unicorn pillow is extremely easy to craft despite its super chic resemblance. Fleece is a super soft material that gives us comfortable goals when using as a pillow on your couch or sofa set. This DIY unicorn fleece pillow will give you the perfect combination of style and comfort in one receptacle.

How to make a unicorn pillow

5. DIY this Cute Rainbow Cuddles Crochet Unicorn with Free Pattern:

A big-size colorful unicorn could delight the mood of any kid and sometimes even grownup people brilliantly with its magical resemblance. Crochet is a wonderful material to prepare handcraft items in the swiftest way due to its flexibility and softness. So, here we go with a magnificent DIY unicorn project with crochet with a twist of vibrant rainbow touch.

With free pattern and step by step DIY- for crochet unicorn

6. Its a No Sew Unicorn Sleeping Mask DIY with Free Templates:

Unicorn sleeping masks are one brilliant craft to make for any DIY lover. Usually, this type of fancy sleeping mask suits best for a slumber party or special sleepover plans, but you can use it on a regular basis as well. This project is one of the easiest DIY unicorn crafts ever that comes with a no-sew pattern and thus could be made in the quickest way.

Supplies you need for  unicorn sleeping mask: Felt, Pencil, glue gun, stickers, elastic, gold sequined ribbon

7. How to use Party Hat and Foam to Make a Unicorn Horn in 3 Ways:

Sometimes you don’t need to make a whole unicorn to get its magical touch; its super cute horn could give you that special stroke in your craft with its famous resemblance. This project will show you how to craft and adorn a unicorn horn with some ribbon or elastic embellishments in the simplest way.

Craft the horn with paper or party hat or foam sheet- unicorn horn

8. DIY Unicorn Puppets with Multi Colored Yarn and Cardstock:

If you are trying to make your alone time magically playful with some thrilling experience then, this is the best DIY unicorn project for you to try. Anyone can get an amusing time with a playful puppet, isn’t it? That session would be more delightful if you can make a pretty unicorn puppet for your use in such simplest and easiest way. Here we go with one of the prettiest unicorn puppet projects for you in this regard, let’ check it out and make our fun time superbly magical from all aspects.

How to craft – unicorn playful puppets

9. Make Creative Stained Glass Unicorn with Gel Filters and Unicorn Template:

This is a project to test your crafting skill and show the love towards your favorite magical creature in the smartest way. If, you are planning for a unicorn theme party then, this would be a great choice to pick for your party adornment from any aspect.

How to print template and cut gel filters for- stained glass unicorn

10. DIY Unicorn Horn Bath Bomb for Girls Unicorn Party

Supplies needed: Essential oil, Cornstarch, Epsom salt, unicorn mold, citric acid, witch hazel, and coconut oil. Cosmetic glitter and pigment powder it’s optional if you really need the professional look.

Having unicorn supplies has become a new trend, especially among the toddlers, thus making a unicorn bath bomb would not be a bad idea to make the bathing experience of your little one more magical. This glitter unicorn horn bath bomb will give you the exact feeling of the fantasy creature unicorn with its supremely pretty sparkly resemblance.

How to mold – unicorn horn bath bomb

11. Make a Unicorn Rug with Yards of Fabric and Rug Mat:

If you want to redecorate the whole look of your room then, start with a super chic unicorn rug which is easy to craft but contains extremely classy flaunt. Every room needs a magical touch to provide the most exciting yet relaxing feeling, especially which are made for our little ones. So, here is a useful project for you with the super chic view of a unicorn that could increase your admiration for rugs immensely!

How to glue and use hair ties for  unicorn rug

12. Make a 3D Paper Craft Unicorn Head for Wall Decor and Parties with Cardstock:

A DIY 3D paper-craft unicorn head is a great, great component to decorate your hall for any type of party of celebration. This type of 3D craft actually extremely easy-to-make despite its intricate flaunts. All you need is just some colorful paper pieces and basic crafting supplies to make these classy 3D unicorn head to get a unique decoration.

How to use cardstock to craft- 3d Unicorn Head

13. Paint and Make Unique Unicorn Jewelry-Holder with Polymer Clay anad Super Glue:

Making jewelry in an organized way help us to access them more quietly right? So, it would be definitely a great idea to have an exclusive jewelry-holder for your makeup room through an easy DIY process. What would be more magical then, having a unicorn-pattern jewelry-holder with the perfect color combination? If you are in love with the fantasy world or magical creatures then, this would be the best crafting idea for you to try in this regard.

How to paint a unicorn jewelry holder

14. How to Make a 3D Unicorn Card with Cardstock, Glue Stick and Pen:

Making DIY paper decoration is one of the commonest habits of everyone’s childhood, isn’t it? This crafting experience became more exciting when we try our hands in some magical stuff and what would be more delightful than a colorful unicorn paper craft in this attempt? If you want to make a card for wish someone then, try to use the new 3D pattern to get the best of a DIY project with unicorn touch.

Maggy’s Tutorial DIY  3d Unicorn Card

15. Unicorn Gift Bags Do it Yourself  with Easy Unicorn Template:

Gift bags could enhance the excitement of a gift box more spectacularly, thus one should choose the gift bag attentively when it uses in a special purpose. Using unicorn shape in every field became a new trend so, why don’t we try this trend in this gift bag category in a creative way? Let’s check out this super easy DIY unicorn gift bag project below and make your gifts more precious to look among the other bunch of presents smartly.

How to make these Cute gift bags

16. Make these Cute Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs and Gift Yourself :

Unicorn is one exclusive and most demanding magical creature of all time, thus everything that is related to this imaginative mammal is precious for the fantasy-lovers, even their poo!

This project is just an apparent instance of that theory where we love to craft bath bombs in the shape of unicorn poo and use them happily to get a glittery magical shower that everyone desire.

Tutorial video @ rosannapansino

17. Use Hoops and Yarn to Make Unicorn Dream-catcher in 6 Steps DIY:

It’s a myth that dream-catchers could help us to induce our sleep and catch beautiful dreams naturally. No matter what the truth is but millions of people, especially girls love to hang a dream-catcher on their bed. What would be more thrilling than using a magical creature as the icon of such mythical object? Thus, using a unicorn pattern as a chic dream-catcher is justified from every aspect. So here we go with one of the most simple yet trendy unicorn dream-catcher ideas in this regard-

DIY  Unicorn Dream Catcher with supplies like embroidery hoops, glue gun, yarn in various colors, gold glitter paper, felt and scissors.

18. DIY Unicorn Pencil Case Craft with a Pair of Socks and Craft Felt:

If your kids love fantasy world or magical creature then give them a unicorn pencil bag and boost their energy of study in the cleverest way. This fancy pencil case is actually very simple to craft despite its super chic look.

This type of project usually belongs to the back-to-school projects due to its unfussiness and supremely easy crafting method. The DIY unicorn made-of such soft material could give you a perfect look of soft toy and at the same time could be used as a useful pen or pencil holder in its empty tummy.

Supplies need for unicorn socks pencil pouch: SOcks, Craft felt, Thread and needle, Glue, embroidery thread and merino wool

How to craft this Unicorn pencil case

19. Use Cardstocks and Headband to Create Cute Unicorn Headband ( DIY):

DIY unicorn headband is a superb decorative object for any type of party adornment, especially where the theme is magical or fantasy-based. The best part of selecting these types of the headband for your celebration is that they are extremely easy to craft with just a few crafting objects. All you need to do is just make a sharp horn and two glittery ears in the base of a headband and you are done here!

You will need: paper flowers, cardstock, headband, maribou feathers, scissors, glue gun and the unicorn ears and horn template.

How to steps for unicorn headband

20. Treat Yourself this Cute Golden Horn Unicorn Cake – DIY Recipe:

A unicorn theme party is factually incomplete without a unicorn cake, thus people who love to use DIY items only in their celebration would love to try their hands in this unicorn recipe. This easy funfetti unicorn cake would make your birthday celebration unforgettable for many years with its super classy look and extremely tasty flavor. Let’s check out the complete recipe on the below link-

How to bake and top with buttercream Unicorn cake

21. DIY Relaxing Unicorn Poop Slime Recipe:

Here we come up with one more brilliant project of a unicorn that is made of the shape of unicorn poop for a funny purpose. Slime-fans know the delightfulness of playing with slimes, and for those who love to get a magical touch in their playful items would feel more fascinated towards this type of creative projects for sure.

You will need Elmers glue, starch, and colorants for this unicorn slime

22. DIY Unicorn Slime with Glittering Elmers Glue:

Here is one more useful slime recipe which is made in the pattern of unicorn instead of its poop. This is actually super easy to craft and absolutely safe to play with for your little ones.

Method for unicorn slime

23. Make this Cute Unicorn Bookmark with Cardstock and Paperclip:

It is tough to read a whole book in one single day and folding pages to remember that the last red-page is not a good idea for the goodness of our book pages. Using a bookmark is always a smart idea in such matter and making a unicorn bookmark would definitely be a fantastic idea for fantasy craft-lovers indeed.

Things you will need, Paper clip, cardstock and cardboard for template, wool threads, glue and sharpie or pen and colors

Steps for unicorn paper clip bookmark

24. Unicorn Home Decor DIY Unicorn Mason Jar:

You don’t need to use a flexible material to give it a shape of a unicorn, sometimes some hard objects could also be adorned into the pattern of this magical creature and this project is a living example of that. See how easily a mason jar could turn into a magical unicorn showpiece to increase the beauty of your room in the most magical manner.

List of things you may need: Mason Jar, Acrylic paint, masking tape, felt and stuffing wood, glue and glitter.

How to tutorial video unicorn mason jar

25. DIY Unicorn Plush Pillow Free Pattern :

A plush pillow is a useful component to give us relief from the stress or anxiety with the best relaxation. It could be more relaxing when comes in the shape of a magical creature like unicorn which is the current favorite of this new generation. Let’s learn the easiest way to craft this project through the simple DIY method-

Supplies: Linen fabric, cricut explore or scissors, sewing machine, iron, rainbow yarn, threads, gold glitter iron-on

how to make this unicorn pillow

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