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19 DIY Tasty Parathas and Stuffed Flat Bread Recipes

Parathas are the popular Indian food items that are one kind of stuffed handmade flat bread which is mostly taken as the breakfast meal. These sorts of foods were invented from the northern part of India and gradually spread over the country along with some overseas areas. Parathas are so […]

Indian Breakfast : 25 DIY Tasty Dosa Recipes

India is a rich country, especially in the matter of foods and recipes. This huge and colorful country has shown a true versatility in the list of foods. Different parts of this country are enriched with different kinds of food menus, and dosa is one mentionable item among those specific […]

21 Delicious Hard and Soft Boiled Egg Recipes

An egg is a complete food supplement that not only rich with enough nutrients, antioxidants, proteins and Choline but, also tastes tender and delicious in the form of cooking! Thus, this item always includes in our food chart, whether we are health freak or not! The most applauding attribute of […]