30 DIY Nightstand Tutorials & Plans with Step by Step Instruction

30 DIY Nightstand Ideas DIY Step by Step Pictures and PlansA nightstand is one type of alternative night table that stays beside our beds and mostly holds some essential components for the night.

It could be made in the bedside table or cabinet pattern that is designed to contain 2-4 legs and a flat top surface. If you want to craft your own nightstand through the DIY process, then you can get plenty of options in front of you, from fresh materials to recycling products.

All you need to do is just make your mind for a certain shape of your DIY nightstand and use the suitable or available objects to craft it properly.

If you are little confused in this matter to get an exact pattern for your nightstand, let us aid you expertly here with these supremely useful DIY nightstand ideas. Here we come up with the top 30 nightstand ideas which are easy-to-make and could enhance the whole look of your entire bedroom in a trendy way. Let’s explore them properly and pick one for your room accordingly-

1. DIY Drawer-Style Wooden Nightstand:

A drawer-style nightstand is one of the commonest nightstand patterns which could come in both rustic and contemporary styles. Actually, it is the used-wood pattern that decides the exact style of a drawer-style nightstand. Drawers of such nightstand could hold ample of essential substances of your room in an organized way, while the table top could give the perfect support for the night stuff. If you are looking for a nightstand with good storage then, this would be the best pick for you.

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2. Pallet-Made Wooden Top Nightstand / Bedside Table:

This is one of the simplest nightstand patterns that is made of pallet boxes and could provide a rustic look to your room instantly. As you can prepare this one from recycles old pallet boxes, this type of nightstand comes with the cheapest expenditure than other alternatives.

This nightstand style will show you how simple look is the virtue of classiness with an airy interior. You can turn the wooden texture into a decretive one by some color or could leave it with a subtle white shade for a sophisticated resemblance.

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3. EXPEDIT Ikea Self Style Nightstand:

This one of the most popular DIY nightstand styles among the contemporary customers. The basic shape of Ikea self could be transformed through the objectives planted in it. The sufficient storage space along with an extended flat top makes this nightstand category one of the most recommendable ones among others. The wide-open pattern makes this nightstand easy to clean quality and the extended top surface holds the crucial stuff all in a classy organized manner. This is definitely one of the best picks for people contemporary taste, who want to revamp their bedroom look with an unusual nightstand.

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4. Stacked Wooden Crates Nightstand:

This is one of the trendiest nightstand patterns, which are intricate to resemble but actually simple to craft. All you need is some old wooden crates a white paint and a few nails or screws. You can set crates by placing them back & forth style to give it a super chic look. You can increase or decrease the number of boxes based on your requirement and space of your room. Try to décor the boxes with suitable objects that could provide a perfect view of your room alternatively. If you are looking for a DIY nightstand that contains enough storage space and comes with an affordable rate too, then this would be the best pick for you.

5. Floating DIY Nightstand with Color Accents:

This is one brilliant craft to try with the supremely chic color accents that give us the perfect interior goal for our dream bedroom. If you don’t have enough space beside your bed then, this would definitely be a smart pick for you, as it requires a minimal area to stay. Usually, this type of nightstand used to hang at the bedside and utilized as a small storage for bedtime storybooks or essential substances. The table-like flat top of this nightstand could hold some other crucial night requirements easily. In addition, this zigzag color accents will add the touch of perfection to your bedroom interior for sure.

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6. Traditional Nightstand with Salvaged Wood:

Salvaged wood could give us a natural traditional look and this nightstand is certainly the best example of that. Look at the simple box surface at the top and the common table-leg pattern make a basic nightstand into a traditional one with its salvage look. The shape is extremely easy to build as well as assemble with a few suitable wooden pieces from salvaged wood. The box-shaped storage could hold some important objects for your night requirements effortlessly. On the other hand, four strong wooden legs make this nightstand capable of to hold the heaviest stuff on its tabletop easily.

Via- ceebeeandj.com

7. Hanging Wooden Piece Nightstand:

If you want to recycle a simple wooden piece by preparing a unique nightstand then, this idea would be useful for you. Here you can see how plain a nightstand should be in the trendiest way. This type of nightstand used to hang on your bedside wall and thus doesn’t require too much space to fits in. This open-salve nightstand may not be able to grab a huge storage space, but it definitely provides an exclusive look to your bedroom in the cheapest way. You can set a night lamp on its top and use the single self to grab only one or two crucial needs for the night. This pattern goes best with contemporarily designed bedrooms and looks great on both sides of a bed in the perfect dimension.

8. Plywood Nightstand with Hairpin Legs:

The hairpin legs are one of the loveliest table legs that need less space than normal stand or table legs. Hence, if you can merge a simple plywood box with these hairpin legs, you can get a smart nightstand pattern in the coolest manner. Plywood box is one simple and affordable stuff that you can recycle or purchase anytime from the proper destination. Even collecting the metallic hairpin legs are not tough these days, so, just grab these essential supplies and made your own box storage nightstand without difficulty at home. The inside storage space easily of that box will allow you to hold books, showpieces or any required items while the flat surface could hold the essential substances for the night or good environment effortlessly.

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9. Wooden Crate Nightstand with Hairpin Legs:

Wooden crate nightstand with hairpin legs is as simple as the previous one, and it even comes with the best low-rate quality of all time. You can simply reuse a crate box from your storage by cleaning it up and coloring with suitable paint to get the perfect nightstand view. The hairpin legs claim less space to stand as usual while the box storage holds adequate stuff in its large torso expertly. You can use the flat top surface as a night table and could transfer your regular bedroom look into a vintage one with its rustic appearance expertly.

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10. Super Chic Wooden Nightstand with Pipes:

This is a unique pattern that could be prepared with an unusual combination of wooden plates and iron pipes. This is one type of high-rated industrial décor people can have for their bedroom when they have enough space for their nightstand beside their bed. The storage space of each self-depends on the length of your used pipes, while the thickness of wooden pieces will decide the holding capacity of this stand appropriately. It looks like a double-stand table and could be used for storing ample of products systematically in its wide shelves. If you want a conventional appearance for your bedroom through a DIY your regular bedroom look then, this would be the best pick for you.

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11. X-Style Nightstand with Wooden-Box Top:

This is a brilliant instance of an elegant nightstand that is made with a unique X-style leg. The wooden box top would fulfill the requirement of small storage for your basic needs, like books, medicines, reading glasses, etc. appropriately. On the other hand, the table top surface would act as a perfect object as a bedside table. You can decorate the top with showpieces, night lamp or any other adorning component to increase the beauty of your room. The exclusive stark white support of this nightstand makes this one an appropriate combination of trend and strength in a powerful wooden texture.

Via- mydailyrandomness

12. Rustic Wooden Boxes Nightstand @ $15:

If you are planning for up-cycling some objects from your storage as a nightstand then, this would the most suitable idea for you. All you need is just a pair of wooden boxes which are in good condition. Simply, attach them sidewise and use their in storage space as the shelves of your DIY nightstand. The flat-top surface would easily fulfill the requirement of the bedside table and the strong backup would allow it to carry enough weight on its head. Use a dark-shade wooden color to paint this DIY project to get a rustic look on your simple wooden box nightstand.

Via- simplyrealmoms

13. A Chic & Compact Unit Layout Nightstand:

People with enough space at their bedroom could easily go with this compact unit nightstand that comes with a huge storage quality. This type of nightstand usually builds with more than one entity that could quench the requirement of a cabinet, bedside table, and nightstand all in one receptacle.

Once you choose this nightstand for your bedroom, be sure to live a clutter-free life everlastingly in an organized way. Here you can see how simple yet classy the layout nightstand resembles and how brilliantly it could revamp the whole look of your house in a conventional way. Although it looks difficult to make but actually easy-to-craft if you know the instruction methods appropriately.

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14. Free Floating Nightstand: How to Build with One Board:

Here we come up with one more excellent nightstand idea that is made of a board in an exclusive floating style. People from this era always need furniture which could show their treat statement vividly, and this would be the best example of that.

Why do we have an old-style nightstand with legs and spoil space on our bedside are, when we can have a floating one with the same facilities? Well, this floating one board nightstand will demonstrate you how to get a fashionable nightstand out of a board in this style. This type of nightstand idea comes with proper storage space and required flat head both in the trendiest way. The best part is that you can even conceal the ugly electronic cord beside your beds behind this floating nightstand easily.

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15. DIY Nightstand with Hidden Secret Storage Drawer:

People, who used to keep their secret documents in their bedroom don’t prefer open shelves for their nightstand. For those people, using this type of drawer-pattern nightstand with an additional locking secrete would be the best idea ever. It is a bit different from other nightstand designs and usually needs quite more effort to be built through the DIY process. The shade of the wooden surface could be adjustable with any preferable wood paint and its flat table top would be a perfect counter for your night-needs sufficiently.

Via- inscrutable.com

16. Rustic Nightstand with and Open Self:

People, who love rustic or countryside look a lot, would definitely pick this easy-to-build DIY nightstand. This exclusive nightstand comes with a unique combination of one drawer and one open self in one receptacle. This one is a perfect combination of function and designs jointly that complete your bedside looks in a rural way. The X side designs and the metallic highlights around the open shelf give this nightstand a resemblance of class an elegance expertly, despite its rustic wooden surface. You may need a bit longer space at your bedroom for this one, but the incredible look of this nightstand is totally worth it!

Via- Rogue Engineer

17. Drawer Style Tapered Leg Nightstand with DIY Complete Plan:

This is one more drawer-style that nightstand that comes with an unusually wide pattern than the normal drawers. This type of nightstand goes best with a traditional look, as the plywood-type white surface gives it a natural elegance on its overall look. On the other hand, the wooden drawer-pins provide a super chic resemblance whole the short legs increase its classiness flawlessly. The flat table top is a perfect solution for your bedtime stuff and the drawers are a wonderful way out to keep your bedroom objectives in an organized way. The short length makes this nightstand a suitable substance for any size bed effortlessly.

Via- Pneumatic addict

18. Farmhouse Nightstand with Barn Door:

Here we come with one more rustic nightstand design that comes with an exceptional barn door design. If you are looking for a rural farmhouse look for your bedroom then, this would be the best pick for you. This one features an exclusively build sliding barn door with the facility of both open and closed storage spaces. This nightstand not only fulfills the requirement of your bedside table also could flaunt as a piece of decorative furniture in your bedroom. This is the perfect pick as your regular use if you need a wide storage space with a classy look on your nightstand.

Via- shanty 2 chic

19. Modern Side Table / Nightstand with DIY Plans:

People with small bedroom area don’t have a lot of space for their nightstand, but this type of small pattern could definitely solve their problem in a trendy way. Look at the super chic view of this unequally built nightstand that comes with a perfect combination of the closed & open shelves in one single object. The brown drawer flaunts absolutely marvelous with one the white-shade open shelf, while the wooden legs increase its classiness immensely. This type of nightstand could be recycled from any strong wooden objectives or even build with fresh wooden pieces both according to your availability.

Via- Rogue Engineer

20. Up-Cycle Wooden Beams Nightstand:

This is one epic style wooden nightstand idea that is super easy to build for any amateur person, who wants to try his hand in the wooden DIY project. If you have enough power tools in your collection then, this one would be the most effortless nightstand to craft at your home. You can easily reuse some old wooden stalks which have enough strength and assemble them with a hard substance equally. This type of nightstand no doubt provides the best rustic look to a bedroom but comes with a low-storage space flaw in reality. If you have other storage options in your bedroom then, definitely try this one as your bedside furniture happily.

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21. DIY Nightstand Chest of Drawers:

People, who want to keep their bedroom notorious-free, should try this typical nightstand design once though an easy DIY process. This type of full-of-drawers design comes with lots of drawers through an inbuilt pattern, and there is no exception here as well. Here the nightstand comes with three drawers but you can increase the numbers according to your needs. However, remember that the size of your nightstand doesn’t spoil the bedside flaunt of your room with its weird height! The flat table top easily holds the essential night stuff in your easy access, while enough storage space makes the room clutter-free from any aspect.

Via- anna-white.com

22. Recycled Door Background Nightstand with Lights:

If you want to try a different look for your bedroom then go for this unique one with a pair of an old wooden door. This nightstand definitely comes with a low-cost quality that makes this one a perfect pick for the people with low-budget. If you are thinking of up-cycling some wooden piece or doors from your storeroom then, this would be the best style to pick here. You can easily set the nightlight in a floating style on the doors and at the same-time; hide the electrical cord easily behind them to get a clutter-free look at bedside area.

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23. Rebuilt Classy Teal Nightstand:

This is one of the most sophisticated nightstand patterns in the DIY category which are inspired by the modern urban designs in an exclusive way. Look at the vibrant shade of this nightstand in its small shape and see how a simple bedside stand could refurbish the whole look of your room extraordinarily. Here you can get a small open-self area for easy-to-access stuff and a fully covers low cabinet along with a useful flat top surface. This is the best choice for people, who lived in a small apartment area or dorm room or in a single bedroom.

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24. DIY Revamped Antique Nightstand with Table Top:

This is one super exclusive nightstand design that features an unusual antique style in a small shape. The unique curvy pattern of this nightstand provides this one an eye-catchy flaunts while the drawer system offers enough storage space for your bedroom stuff.

The color combination of this antique-pattern nightstand gives this one a super classy look while the glassy drawer-knobs increase its sophistication more vividly. Try to match the color with your bedroom shade to get the most exclusive view from a regular nightstand with the antique touch. If you are not an expert in wooden craft, then try to skip the intricate design at the bottom and finish the crafting light-heartedly with simple curved-legs.

Via- sew woodsy

25. Ikea Hack: DIY Simple Black & White Striped Nightstand:

This is a simple table-shape nightstand feature ordinary black & white strips with an unusually tall length. This bedside table-shaped nightstand only comes with a felt top surface to hold your few essential objectives for a night. The low-storage space makes this one less-useful for people, who want large cargo space. However, if you have enough storage components in your bedroom then, go for this urban one and see the beauty of simplicity with this plain black & white nightstand. The tiny black triangle made on its side strips emphasizes the diversity of strips smartly.

Via- see Kate sew

26. Withered Wooden Box Crates Recycled Nightstand:

This nightstand project is a perfect recycling method to apply through a DIY process where you can utilize the vacant wooden box in a useful way. All you need is just two empty wooden boxes which are in good conditions. Paint them with a rustic white paint and attach them sidewise for an open-shelf design. This open-shelves pattern makes objects easy-to-access, while the empty places fulfill a large storage requirement in a complete clutter-free manner. Use the flat head as a useful tabletop and keep the wooden clumps uncover to get a rustic look in your DIY nightstand.


27. IKEA Hack How to Use Ladder as Nightstand:

When it comes to the matter of up-cycling wooden stuff, small IKEA ladder could work magnificently as a contemporary nightstand indeed. This type of ladder mostly contains two separated steps with wooden steaks, so, you can use the step as shelves of your nightstand easily. The fully covered flat head easily quench the need of a bedside table, while the small steps could hold a few essential objects in a trendy way. You can even customize the usage of this type of nightstand, from the bedside table to a useful ladder in need.

Via- everything Emily

28. Midcentury Nightstand with Extended Top:

This is one more beautiful DIY nightstand that fits with the traditional bedroom look effortlessly. This is one of the ancient nightstand designs which came from the mid-century period and keep delighting us till today. The best part of this design is that this nightstand is extremely easy to craft despite its classy look if you follow the build-basic rules properly. The top drawer system maintain the secrecy of your bedroom documents, while the below open-shelf make night stuff easy to access for us. Use the flat top to place night lamp or showpieces to escalate the whole view of your room like a midcentury era.

Via- build basic

29. Extremely Classy Vibrant Nightstand/ Bedside Table:

This is one modern-styled nightstand design that comes with a vibrant coral-shade and shows you how a colorful furnishing refurbishes your bedroom look smartly. Simply, make a drawer-pattern wooden nightstand with trendy knobs and color them with any preferable color with a perfect contrast.

Via- the happy housie

30. Super Cool Petite Floating Nightstand:

And this one comes with literally an unusual design with floating quality, which claims extremely less space to fits in. All you need is just hang a petite circle-shaped piece with four strong strings and use it to hold a few lightweight objects carefully in the middle of that circle.

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