DIY Hanging Nightstand: How to Make a Hanging Bedside Shelf

Have you ever seen the outstanding view of a floating nightstand for your bed? If yes, then you must be desired once of having such table for your room also, right! Because overlooking the beauty of a floating bedside nightstand is just impossible, and it always allures people to have! Thus, here we enlighten you thought with one of that kind table or nightstand for your room through some easy steps, let’s check them out-

Materials You Need:

To build this type of nightstand, you will need a ceiling hook, screws, 11 wooden stick, a drill and some strings.

How to Build:

  • Firstly, place 9 wooden sticks edgewise and alternate the pointed ends to get a nice view at the end of your course.
  • Then take the top and bottom piece out of the set and make two holes on each piece.
  • To make the holes perfectly, take a marker, make one point at the pointed top and one at the bottom section of each wooden piece and then, create holes with your drill.
  • Then, bring back those pieces at their right places again and set two supporting kinds of wood at the bottom side of that set.
  • Make sure that the supporting sticks in the right measurement according to the set of your wooden slats and then set that to stick with enough screws with that set.
  • Now, measure the distance from the ceiling and then cut out 4 pieces of twine as per that measurement.
  • To attach the twine to the wooden thing, place it through the top hole and tie multiple knots on the backside to secure it.
  • Do this on each side with all four pieces and then gather them together to tie a knot.
  • After that, grab your ceiling hook and set it into your ceiling with the help of the drill.
  • Finally, take the excess string, make strong braid it and then tie a loop knot at the end of your braid.
  • Now all you need is just hang the thing onto your ceiling and get a grand view of floating nightstand beside your bed.


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