DIY Galaxy T-Shirt

Easy to Try DIY Galaxy T shirt

Super classy galaxy shirt is one of the trendiest outfit patterns to wear in this contemporary era that imitates the appearance of the starry sky in a unique way. These days, kids, toddlers, teenagers and adults all kinds of people showing their interest in this type design. The most appreciating quality of making a galaxy shirt by your own hand is that you can apply this design to any simple black or blue colored shirt or t-shirt and could get a fashionable form in the cheapest way! Let’s take a look at the making procedure below-

Supplies Needed:

To make a chic galaxy shirt you need, fabric paints, toothbrush, one coloring tray, some paint brushes and a black sweater.

How to Turn Your T-shirt Into Galaxy T-shirt:

  • At first, combine some white and blue paints in that paint tray and merge with the toothbrush.
  • Dip the toothbrush into that mix-color and sprinkle the color by flicking the bristles repeatedly over the sweater.
  • Then, add some purple color into that tray and spread it over the sweater with the same
  • Make sure that this time you are spreading the color with some big sized drops and then, spread the drops a little with the toothbrush to get the resemblance of the starry sky.
  • After that spread some more paints over the sweater in a similar way and apply every available paint in your hand that could give your sweater as perfect galaxy flaunt.
  • Spread the paints with that toothbrush to get the view of base clouds of along with some colorful highlights with the combination of light blue and dark blue paints.
  • Now, take some white paints and make a few blinking white stars on the entire chest section.
  • Dry out the paints completely after giving a final color touch to your sweater and wear it when it all soaked out properly.
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