DIY Galaxy Shoes

How Turn my White Shoes into Galaxy Shoes

This galaxy view works so magnificently that a simple touch of it could convert the simple dull thing into really a spectacular object! Thus, several times we apply this galaxy theme on our personal objects like a watch, outfits or shoes. This time we have emerged with a super easy procedure about how to turn a simple white shoe into a pair of trendy galaxy shoes! Let’s take a look at the making process below-

Supplies Needed:

To make the super chic galaxy shoe you will need, white tape, one piece of sponge, one unused toothbrush, two paint brush, one paint tray and one pair of sneakers along with some glittery paints.

How to Make:

  • At first, set the thick white tape on the entire border of your sneaker to keep the sticky side on the edges.
  • Now, take the sponge, dip it in one blue paint and star coloring the shoe entirely.
  • When it turns into all blue shade, dip the sponge in black color and color over the blue layer randomly.
  • After that, merge some sky blue paint and white paint together, take it on the sponge piece and press it haphazardly over the sneaker to get a color contrast like a galaxy.
  • Then, give a small touch of white shade in a similar way over your sneaker.
  • Finally, dip the toothbrush in white paints, and flick the bristles over the shoe to drizzle the white drops overall the sneaker.
  • To get the flawless galaxy exhibit, you can make some small white stars on the sneaker with the same white paint and take out the wrapper tape from the edges once the paint is dry out completely.


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