DIY Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Paper Roll Giftbox and Organizer

Let’s check out some more creative crafts from these useless toilet paper roll with some basic crafting ingredients.

Materials You May Need:

For the First Project:

To make this jewelry organizer you need, some toilet paper rolls, crafting paper pieces, glue, and some decorative ribbon.

For the Second Project:

For the second project, you will only need a toilet paper roll and some duck tape or masking tape.

For the Third Project:

To craft the third or final project you need, an empty tissue box, some toilet paper rolls, a scissor, sellotape, glue and craft paper cutting.

How to Craft:

#First Project:

  • At first, cut out two strips from some crafting paper with the thickness of 2 inches width, and make sure that the stripes are long enough which wrap the whole roll once.
  • Now, tie a ribbon piece around the paper cutting and tie a decorative bow on the roll.
  • After that, seal the one open part evenly and place some ornaments into it. Your decorative toilet paper roll craft is all ready to flaunt!

#Second Project:

  • Here we are making again a jack holder in a decorative way.
  • For that, just take a toilet paper roll and adorn it with some designed ducking tape pieces.
  • Then simply insert a rolled jack inside the decorated roll and you are done with this project!

#Third Project:

  • Firstly, cut one side of an empty tissue paper box and secure the other side with some sellotape pieces.
  • Now, wrap the box with a nicely designed crafting paper with the help of some glue.
  • On the extra paper portions on top, cut four sides and fold them into the box.
  • Then, place several toilet paper rolls inside the box as the box is so roomy or have enough space inside!
  • You can use this craft to keep your crafting components organized or arranged in an effortless way.
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