Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Decor and Ornaments

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Ideas: Ornaments and Room Decor

Here are some more interesting toilet paper roll crafts for you which are extremely easy to make and able to delight you to the utmost! Let’s check out the procedure below-

Materials You May Need:

For the First Project:

For the first brooch project, you will need a drawing sheet, a pencil, scissor, toilet paper roll, felt, a bottle cap, brooch pin, hot glue gun, decorating stone, acrylic and metallic paints, paintbrush, along with glossy varnish.

For the Second Project:

For this letter wall art, you will need, a printing sheet, a cardboard piece, scissor, acrylic paint, paintbrush, glue, some green fake leaves, a small string or rope and of course some toilet paper roll.

For the Third Project:

For this bracelet craft, you will need a toilet paper roll, scissor, a soft piece of cloth, decorative plastic stones, acrylic paint in the metallic golden shade, paintbrush, and hot glue gun.

For the Fourth Project:

For this decorative balls, you will require a toilet paper roll, scissor, acrylic spray paint, paintbrush, a newspaper, and some glue with the hot glue gun.

For the Fifth Project:

To craft this flower vase, you will need an empty glass-made jar, a toilet paper roll, scissor, glue, and some glitters or a glitter nail polish.

How to Craft:

# First Project:

  • At first, draw two petal shapes on the drawing sheet successively with the measurement of 1.5 cm and 1.2 cm length.
  • Now, cut those pieces out of the sheet with a sharp scissor and trace them on a toilet paper roll.
  • After getting the petal shapes on toilet paper roll in several amounts, cut them out from the main roll. You will need at least 8 big petals and 5 small petals for your broach.
  • Bend each petal with fingers and set them aside to use these petals at the right time.
  • Then, take the felt piece, cut out a circle shape from it with the help of a bottle cap and a scissor.
  • Now, make two tiny circles inside the felt piece and set the brooch pin through those spaces.
  • After that, keep the felt piece on your working table by placing the pin side down, and start setting the toilet paper roll-made petals with hot glue gun.
  • Set the bigger petals on the edges and small petals on the centre of the felt piece.
  • Then, paint the brooch with acrylic paint, highlight the bottom panels with metallic paint and set a single decorative stone in the centre of your brooch.
  • When the paint is all dried up, give a final stroke of glossy varnish, and your toilet paper craft is all ready to use as a stylish brooch on your clothes!

#Second Project:

  • Firstly, color up two toilet paper rolls with dark brown acrylic paint and let them dry before using them in your craft.
  • Now, print out a letter of your choice on the printing page and cut the letter out of the main sheet.
  • Then, trace the letter on the cardboard piece and cut it out too!
  • Now, take those toilet paper roll and cut out numerous stripes from them with the measurement of 0.5 cm.
  • Cut each strip from one side and roll those stripes tightly before going to the next step.
  • In your next step, set those rolled up toilet paper things on the whole cardboard letter with the help of hot glue gun and let them dry properly.
  • In this gap, cut out a small piece of rope or thick string and set the loop on the top back of your letter.
  • Finally, take some fake flower leaves and set them randomly over the letter.
  • Coat the whole letter with a single layer of acrylic paint, and when all the parts are soaked up appropriately, hang it or place it on your table.

#Third Project:

  • At the initial stage, cut out a toilet paper roll in half, take one-half part, and then cut in again from one side.
  • Trace the shape on the piece of cloth and cut that portion out of the piece.
  • Set the cloth piece inside paper roll with hot glue and crumble the sides with a sharp scissor.
  • Then, set the crumbled cloth edges on the top surface of your half toilet paper roll and let it dry completely.
  • After that, take some decorative plastic stones on the whole top surface of the bracelet patterned toilet paper roll in a very congested way.
  • When all the stones are dried out properly, cover the whole thing with a deep coat of metallic golden acrylic paint. However, this step is totally optional; you can wear the toilet paper roll-made bracelet with or without this paint coat, indeed!

#Fourth Project:

  • To make these simple decorative balls, take a toilet paper roll and cut out several strips from that piece.
  • When you have got enough stripes for our crafts, set one stripe into another to make a circle or ball shape from those stripes.
  • When you have sufficient balls, place them on a newspaper and color them up with the spray color.
  • When the color coat is all dried up, your decorative balls are ready to embellish or display on your selected space of any room!

#Fifth Project:

  • Here also cut out some thin stripes from the toilet paper roll and bend them from the middle to get a unique twisted shape for the decoration.
  • Take the empty jar, wash it clearly with hot water and remove any kind of stamps or levels from its outer side.
  • Now, take the twisted strips and set them on the outer surface of the jar with some hot glue.
  • Finally, spread some glitter or a single layer of glitter nail polish on the top of your paper crafts, and once all the materials are soaked up properly, it’s all ready to hold flowers on a centre table of your room.

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