DIY Shampoo Slime

After the toothpaste slime, now try your hand with shampoo slime that is as much gorgeous as a gem, as much glossy as glitters and as much slimy as rubber! If you are looking for a slime that is pretty much gorgeous to flaunt and also contains a good smell then, here is the best project for you, take a look-

DIY Shampoo Slime:

Supplies You Need:

To make this shampoo slime, you will need some tubes of clear glue, food coloring, some water about 100ml, shampoo tube, borax powder about 2 tbsp, 2 cups of hot water, one mixing bowl, one measuring container and a spoon or mixing spatula.


  • At first, empty the glue tubes in the mixing bowl and add a bit of food coloring into it.
  • Then, mix them well with a spatula and add a little bit of water in that mixture.
  • Finally, add one small tube of shampoo and use a little fragrant to get an aromatic slime at the end of your course.
  • After adding the shampoo merge the whole mixture smoothly with the mixing spatula and set the bowl apart to make the other mixture.
  • In this gap, take the measuring container and take one small spoon of borax inside it.
  • After that, pour in 2 cups of hot water into the container and combine them together until the borax completely dissolves in the water.
  • Now, gently pour in the glue mix into the borax mixture and merge them a little with your finger.
  • Don’t forget to cool down the borax mixture before adding the glue mix inside it.
  • After a few while, take out the glue-shampoo slime from the borax water and knead a little with your hand.
  • When you feel that the glue-shampoo mix has been turned into a complete non-sticky and stretchy form, it’s all ready to use as a play component.
  • You can make different types food coloring to make various types of colorful shampoo slime and you can even merge more than two colored slimes in one texture.

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Step by Step DIY Shampoo Slime which Smells Great

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