Decor Ideas: DIY Canvas 3D Beach Wall Art

DIY Canvas Beach Wall Art

Have you ever seen the ostentatious beauty of beach canvas wall art pieces? If you are decorating your house for a nice summer vacation or summer parties then, these types of wall arts are the magnificent choice for your house. The most amazing part of these objects is that a canvas beach wall art displays as an intricate yet classy showpiece but, it is actually very simple to craft! If you don’t believe us then, let’s check out this below mentioned DIY beach wall art procedure in step by step method-

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Materials You Need:

To craft such thing, you will need some white canvases, colorful acrylic paints, paintbrushes, seashells, pencil, sands, polymer clay, knife, liquid glue, and few other decorating items.

How to Craft:

  • At first, take one canvas, add liquid glue and spread it up like a single layer with a paintbrush.
  • Then, place the canvas onto a piece of paper and sprinkle a thick layer of sand on that canvas.
  • After that, flicking the excess sand from the canvas, draw a desirable shape in the sand with the help of a pencil.
  • Then, add glue on all four edges and add the sand layer on those edges as well.
  • Now, let it dry and make a starfish in this little gap from the small dough of polymer clay.
  • Make a circle of the dough first, then, create a cross symbol with an extra side and take out the rest part of it with the help of that knife.
  • After crafting the starfish, bake it in your microwave oven and paint the fish with any desirable color.
  • Now, go back to your sand canvas and complete it by using yellow paint on all over the sands. Use a bit darker shade with yellow paint on the sand-made heart shape to make it more apparent.
  • Finally, attaché the starfish with some hot glue on one side of your drawn design.
  • Now, take another canvas, cover the top part with blue acrylic paint by creating a wavy effect of the ocean.
  • Let’s it dry and craft a polymer clay-made seashell in the similar process as we did for the starfish. You can use some real seashells to adorn instead of polymer clay stuff!
  • Then, take the liquid glue and spread a layer on the bottom part of that canvas, where you have already made a blue layer on the top.
  • Then, sprinkle a layer of white sand over the glue layer and flick the excess sand on a sheet of paper.
  • After that, cover the sand up with yellow acrylic paint and wait till the paint soaked up properly.
  • Finally, add a concluding paint layer in the middle of your canvas by spreading a line of hot glue.
  • Make the layer a little wavy like ocean waves and then paint it with white acrylic paint.
  • Add the seashells on one corner of your canvas on the sand layer and you are done.
  • For the final canvas, take a white canvas, and color it up with blue acrylic paint from the top surface to the entire edges.
  • When the paint coat is all dry, take a brown mesh ribbon and cover the lower part of your canvas with this object by a layer of hot glue.
  • Now, add some shells on the top surface of the mesh ribbon by using the hot glue again.
  • Finally, sprinkle some white sand over shells and flick the extra sand out of the canvas, once all ingredients are dried out completely, hang all three canvases on your wall and enjoy the beach view at your home.

3D Wall Decor Arts : DIY Step by Step Tutorial

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