DIY Easy Canvas Wall Art

DIY Canvas Wall Art

Canvas wall art is another wonderful object to embellish the wall in a classy way. Making canvas wall art is simpler than other patterned wall arts, thus, not only you but your kids also could try their hand in such products with just a few basic ingredients. The best fractions of using canvas to decorate your room wall are that these are extremely light in weight, give you varieties of range in one single category and easy to move from one side to another! Here we are showing you how to craft a plain yet chic abstract canvas wall art with some plain components, take a look-

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Materials You Need:

Here you will need, some masking tape, different types of paintbrushes, glue, glitters, some paint tubes, a paint pallet, and a white canvas.

How to Craft:

  • At first, stick some masking tape on you canvas randomly and make sure each tape piece is flat enough while attaching on the canvas, otherwise the paint could leak under the tape!
  • Now, when you have got some blank white spaces in different shapes on the canvas go for your next step.
  • Put some paint drops on each section just to check which shade would look good with which one!
  • Now, color those sections up with those particular colors and give two coats of paint on each section.
  • Leave a few middle sections when all the parts are uncolored and cover it with a layer of glue to add the glittering sections in your canvas art.
  • Set another piece of cloth or paper below the canvas and flick extra glitters from your canvas on that piece of paper or cloth.
  • When all your layers are dried out completely take out the tape from the canvas gently, and it’s all ready to hang on your wall.

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