DIY Pallet Wall Art Ideas

Traditional or contemporary, decorative or ordinary every residence requires a nice wall art decoration to be furnished. A wall art not only increases the beauty of a room or hall but, at the same time, it displays the taste of its dwellers as well! Thus, it is essential to choose your wall art object wisely. As we always prefer for DIY projects for any category hence, why don’t you try this endeavor in here too? For this reason, we are referring here some remarkable references for wall art decorations which are not only attractive looking but also very easy-to-craft and will exhibit your feeling about home in one receptacle! Check it out-

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DIY Pallet / Wooden Planks Wall Art

Making your wall looks pretty and interesting with some art piece could be easy and cost-free too, if you can craft it by yourself. Crafting wall art by using some pallet pieces would be the most frequent and trouble-free trick of all time. These wooden pallets are always well-available in your collection and, you don’t need to give any extra effort to transform a pallet into a nice wall art decoration. Let’s check out one simple making procedure with this element-

Materials You Need:

To make this wall art, you will need 3 pieces of 1×8 shiplap boards with 6 ̎x1 measurement, 2 pieces of 1×2 pine boards again in 6 ̎x1 measurements, one pencil, scissor, white craft paint, small flat paintbrush, foam brush & rug, stain, hammer, 12 one inch nails, and some printed out texts as per your choice.

How to Craft:

  • At the initial stage, pick some nice or meaningful quotes on your computer and take a clear print out of that quote.
  • Now, flip over the shiplap by placing the upside down on a working table by lining up the edges smooth and evenly.
  • Then, take those two pine-board pieces and set them on the back with 5 or 6 nails on each piece.
  • Secure the nail with the hammer, and then make sure that all the pallet pieces are attached perfectly.
  • Now, paint the whole pallet thing with the brown craft paint and cover all the edges accurately with your paint.
  • Then, take a piece of cloth or rug, wipe out the top coat of paint from the whole pallet board once, and let it dry completely before jumping to the next step.
  • Now, take the text sheet, flip your paper over and distress the outline of each letter with a pencil.
  • Cut out the extra sheets from your letter and place them on the dried pallet thing.
  • Put the draw side down on the pallet plate and set them securely with some sellotape pieces, so then you can do the next step uninterruptedly.
  • Now, take the pencil again and shade the each letter of the whole text by rubbing the pencil’s nip on the texts.
  • This way you will get graphite on the other side of the sheet which would be on the top surface of the pallet board.
  • Finally, take out the every single paper from the board and color up the text with white paint.
  • When all the letters are soaked out entirely, hang it on your wall and enjoy the rustic look of a wooden pallet wall art in such effortless DIY process.

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DIY Pallet / Wooden Planks Wall Art


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