23 DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas: Towel Holders and Rack

Towel holders and racks are two indispensable components for our bathroom, which is needed for every single washroom, whether it is small or big, fancy or normal, designer or plan. Building such crucial products in your bathroom or washroom area is not difficult but the problem is that arranging space to setting those things there, especially if you have restricted place!

If you also run out of storage space for your daily using stuff like towel, shampoo, soap, scrubber, oil, etc. then, make some DIY shelves or rack in your bathroom along with a towel holder and drag an end to that trouble permanently. Wall hanging racks and towel holders are the best choice in such matters as they need comparatively less space to set.

These days, apartment or house bathroom doesn’t have any additional space to use for such endeavor, hence it’s better to try out some ideas which are fancy to exhibit but easy to make and claim an outstandingly short place to fit in.

Here we are suggesting a few simple DIY projects as towel holders and racks for your house, which only need some basic appliances to be made perfectly. Let’s explore them quickly-

DIY Bathroom Towel Storage – Hang  a Basket

(Tutorial: makinglemonadeblog )

Towel rack made of wooden pallets and crates

(Tutorial: Beautiful mess )

Wooden Bathroom Towel hanger

(Tutorial: myFabulesslife  )

Turn Wire baskets into Towel Holder

(Tutorial: Pink tumble weed )


Ladder Towel rack

(Tutorial: oaks blog )

Reclaimed Wood Faucet Towel Hanger

(Tutorial: apieceofrainbow )

DIY Turn old Headboard into Towel Holder

(Tutorial: Iheartnaptime )

Towel bar in Leather Loop

(Tutorial: Ohohblog ) ( french)

DIY Nautical Rope Towel Holder


(Tutorial: h2obungalow )

Yet another rope towel holder

(Tutorial: Lori )

DIY Organizer – Towel Rack and Hook

(Tutorial: Taryn Whiteaker )

Repurposed Turned Towel Hooks

(Tutorial: curtain tie backs towel hooks )

Re purpose your old suitcase or trunk into towel rack

(Tutorial: Storage glee )

Towel Hangers Back Side of  the Door

(Tutorial: Jenna burger )

Picture Frame Towel Hang

(Tutorial: robolady )

Rustic towel rack

DIY Wooden Beads Towel Ring

(Tutorial: Spoon fork bacon )

DIY Driftwood Towel Hooks

(Tutorial: Sustain my craft habit )

DIY Rustic Branch Towel Bar

(Tutorial: pretty handy girl )

DIY Walnut stained pinewood towel Rack Hook

(Tutorial: Shanty 2 chic )

DIY Wooden Hand Towel Ring

(Tutorial: Cuckoo4design )

How to Turn Old Window into Picture Frame Towel Rack

(Tutorial: Lemons Lavender )

Bonus: DIY Towel Rack Labels

(Tutorial: Yankee homestead )

Bonus: DIY PVC Towel Hanger

(Tutorial: Make Life Lovely )

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