33 Modish DIY Rugs out of Old Clothes

Rugs are not only one feet-wiping component anymore, but also a prettifying object of your room that has an intense impact in your entire home and interior embellishment. Thus, all exquisiteness-conscious people like to use some decorative rugs for their houses. But, these simple elements could give your pocket a real trouble with a high rate, especially, when you choose a focal adoring piece for your house! Hence, won’t that be great if you can craft you own rug through the DIY process? It will be inexpensive, experimenting and allow you with an extensive range of variety in one receptacle.

So, stop being restricted with one or two designer rugs throughout the whole year, and indulge your room with new-new designs of DIY mat patterns in a true inexpensive way. Here we are referring some top most designs for you of DIY rugs, check them out and choose them according to your needs-

How to make a rug from old clothes


Recycled Hula Hoop Rug:

If you want to recycle some old t-shirt or any unused draperies into a pretty DIY rug then this hula hoop pattern is the best type for you! It is extremely easy to make and looks super chic when completed.

source: allparenting

How to make rug or carpet mat

Trendy Pom-Pom Rug:

source: socreativethings

Making Rugs out of T shirts


Casual Woven Rug:

source: abeautifulmess

Super Chic Saggy Rug:

source: myloveofstyle

Saggy rugs resemble outstandingly trendy and chic when the making process is remarkably simple. Hence it is definitely one of the best choices to craft in DIY rug endeavor particularly if you can nice contrast in your crafting!

Rustic Felt-Faux Stone Pattern Rug:

source: instructables

Unique Pebble Rug:

source: curbly

Pebble rugs exhibit intricate but, actually, they are easy to make and suit flawlessly for an outdoor location.

Classic Woodgrain Rug:

source: abeautifulmess

Rainbow Used t shirts Rug

a piece of rainbow

Artistic Painted Rug:

source: sarahmdorseydesigns

DIY No Sew or Glue Easy T shirt Rug

adventures in making

Vintage Twine Rug:

The twine Rug is one must-try category in this attempt that could provide a superbly comfortable surface with a classy resemblance.

source: conversationpieces

Braided T shirt Rugs


Simple Rope Swirl Rug:

Rope-made rugs could cater a rural look to your house and it would be more effortless to craft a rug with this element if you choose simple yet chic swirl design with this object!

source: freepeople

Classy Crochet Rug:

source: mypoppet

Crochet-made rug or mat looks absolutely classy and could be made in a huge surface with just one single piece. Thus, this component is mostly used to make an extended floral mat with some other nice adornments.

Stylish Long-tassel Rug:

source: earnesthomeco

Long tassel rug looks best in your adorned living room and perfectly applicable to cotton or silky fabric materials.

DIY Rag rugs

Cal Patch

Friendship Bracelet Chevron Rug:

source: thehousethatlarsbuilt

Durable Stenciled Rug:

source: everydaydishes

Rug with Welcome-Note:

source: dreamalittlebigger

Mandala No-Sew Rug:

source: dreambookdesign

DIY Denim Rugs made out of Used Jeans


Traditional Jute-made Rug:

source: completely-coastal

Jute is one more brilliant product to use in DIY rug project that could bring a tribal or classy traditional look to your entire room, especially, if you can make some intricate designs with this material.

Plain Geometric Printed Rug:

source: homemadebycarmona

Luxurious Faux Rug:

source: brittanymakes

DIY: Rug Carpet or door mat out of old t shirts

Homemade crafts

Rural Kilim Rug with Paint:

source: thegoldjellybean

Gorgeous Fabric Rug:

source: burkelodge

Wine-Cork Made Bathroom Rug:

source: carftynest

Wine cork-made rug or mat is the best category to use for a bath mat, as it won’t get wet and sturdy for using for a long while.

Beautiful Rosette Rug:

source: designdazzle

Tribal Flax-Twine Rug:

source: flauxandtwine

Used T-Shirts into Crochet Rug

Mollie Makes

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