DIY Sharpie T-shirts Pillows and Shoes

Sharpie T-shirt, Pillow, Shoes, and Canvas:

Wearing t-shirts, or shoes, which are designed with sharpies, decorating houses or parties with sharpie pillows and canvases, etc. are some other mentionable utilizations of these chic markers.

To make a simple drapery instantly eye-catchy, sharpie is the best ingredient. Screen-printing is not a hard thing to do, at least not anymore, and you can get help from several things now to do the task easily! Tracing box, masking tape, graphics software, etc. are some of them.

To make a sharpie print on cloth surface like a t-shirt, pillow or canvas, choose an image first, which you want to draw on that surface and take a precise template on that surface, before start using sharpie works. Finally, complete the design by using sharpies as needed.

Remember that t-shirts don’t allow you to apply high-resolution images on them, so draw comparatively light prints for t-shirts. On the other hand, canvas demands a bit high revolutionized print to demonstrate brightly. The human face, alphabets, nice quotes, etc. are some common designs to apply on t-shirts; 3D prints, flowers, leafs, magical animals or simple polka dot prints are some common designs for pillows or canvases.

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