DIY Sharpie Valentines day Gifts and Sharpie Car Doodle

Valentines day BF Gift ideas DIY Sharpie 

Just finish your drawing on the mug and dry it out in your oven, before using or washing with water. Do the same process with your saucers as well, and it would be wonderful if you can warm up the designed object in your microwave oven for 30 minutes on 350 ̊ F before regular using.

DIY Sharpie Valentines day Hearts

Sharpie and Alcohol –

Valentines day heart sharpie plate Tutorial


DIY Sharpie Love Mug for Valentines day


Sharpie tin foil valentines day craft


DIY Valentines day cup and saucers


Sharpie His Hers Valentines Day Mugs

Valentines day Cookies Tray


Earlier, some people who were out of cash after buying a car use this sharpie to design their car in an artistic way. But, nowadays, it has become a contemporary trend to design your car or some portions of the car with these chic sharpies! Category of designs depends on your choices, like whether you want a rock design on the whole outer body or only a few highlighted prints of sharpies on some particular places of your car!




Sharpie Car Doodle


Sharpie car pen drawing

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