DIY Sharpie Crafts : Sharpie Mugs and Plates

DIY Sharpie Crafts and Sharpie Art Ideas

Sharpies are some kind of permanent markers, which allow us colorful creativity in various ways. You wouldn’t find a single reason for not to love them, from their bright and vibrant shades to amazing adaptability. The most excellent part of these sharpies is that you can actually utilize them on millions of ways on countless objectives! Doodling with these markers has become one of the modish trends of this era. So, let’s check out some useful ways to utilize sharpie to craft different types of things for your daily lives, take a look-

Sharpie Crafts

Sharpie Mugs, Plates, and Car Arts:

Designing with a sharpie on the mugs or plates is a frequent attempt of today, in which you can turn your simple boring mug or saucer into an interesting element. If you are looking for a suitable DIY process for your mugs then apply easy patterns on them.

It is better to buy a mug with a white surface, so then; the most of the sharpie shade would perform nicely on that mug or plate. Now choose a sharpie color which is made of oil-based paint to get a long-lasting result. You can use multiple colors instead of only one or two sharpie shades if you want, but less sharpie shade allow you less intricate project in reality!

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