48 Construction Themed Birthday Party Foods Ideas and Decor

These days, it has been observed that most of the toddlers are hugely interested in the matter of constructions and building methods. If you have a contracture lover kid too, then invite their admiration more by arranging a construction themed party on their birthday bash. Boy, kids have a fascination with this construction issue and its functional appliances like trucks, dirt, etc. So, let’s plan a construction themed birthday celebration for those kinds of fascinated kids, and make their special day even more special with this little surprise! Check out some useful birthday party ideas from this theme-

Updated November 2018

Construction themed food and play area

Turf Salad, Wrecking Balls, Tools and 2x4s

Birthday Cake Center Piece

Refill Station with Lemonade and Apple Juice

Build your own dirt dig cup with chocolate wafer boulders, gems, and jelly worms

Use caution tape to add decor to your home and to keep kids out of stairs and restricted area

Check the decor idea

Birthday Party Fondant Cake with Chocolate Dirt and Candies

Check for cake ideas

Wrecking Sausage Balls

Table Decor with Printable Labels

Check the idea and printables

Construction Birthday Party Invitation Printables

Favor Box: Tool Box with Each Kid’s Name Printed on it

Check the idea

Edible Nuts and Bolts for Crew

Check the idea

Build the Blocks and Pick your Wooden Nail Hammer It

And get yourself fueled

The Dig in Construction Zone

Check these 3 Ideas

Under Construction Cakes and Party Food Ideas

Cake pops, Centerpiece cake, INsulator, Chocolates, wood fillings, and rafters

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Construction Party Favor and Finger Food Ideas

Drill bits, Cheetos wrecking balls, Landscaping cup with jelly worms and chocolate dirt, bubble gum measuring tape, Pretzel steel bar.

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 Spare Tires for your Sweet tooth Construction Birthday party


Let’s talk about the food section first, which grab the utmost attention of any party! Choco made donates in the shape of spare tires would look superb in this kind of party, especially, if you can decorate the donate tray with a toy truck, as it will give the whole glance a realistic look. You can also make big sized donates and named then as truck tires on the food court.


Boys Construction Themed Birthday Party



 Truck tires donuts and desserts for the Birthday party


Digger Party for Construction birthday party



 Tools and games for construction birthday party



Construction Birthday Party Ideas



Construction Crew Refill station



 Refuel food and drinks station



Construction Party Back Drop Idea

check the idea

Construction Party Game Ideas

Construction crew party Game 

Check these game ideas

Hammer It

Check this game

Sand Art Construction Games

View construction party plans

 Wet paint ahead watch it Birthday Party Construction Crew


Sugary desserts in the shape of paintbrush along with some fresh and colorful creams may resemble spectacular as wet paintbrush at a true construction site. Marshmallow pops in the chocolate dip in the shape of mud balls, sugar cane sticks in the shape of iron rods, cupcakes in the shape of red bricks, etc. are some nice style you may copy in your construction themed party food section.


 Construction crew food ideas on yellow helmet


Try to set your food court with yellow helmet and put your snacks or salads or desserts into those helmets to set the view of a construction crew.


 Stop and Sign on my hardhat



 Build your own sandwich Construction team


Sandwiches are one great category that everyone should include in the menu of a party food, particularly if they are arranging it for kids! An individual food court that indicates ‘build your own sandwich construction crew’ heading would look utterly incredible for your construction themed party.


 Construction tools and food ideas


Party Back Drop Idea with Tools


Construction Party Signs, Invitation and Thank Card Printables

Check the printables

 Dig in Crew Men under work Construction birthday party



 Happy Birthday Construction Crew



 Tools for Construction Birthday party



Construction party Game Ideas



Construction Birthday Party Ideas and photo booth



Construction Kids Coloring Activities

Under Construction Birthday Game Idea


The party hall must be decorated with some caution banners, some haphazard toy trucks, cranes, ‘stop’ holdings, plastic bumpers, artificial traffic cones, supplies trucks etc. The entrance of the party also has some construction touch to lure the guest initially towards your theme.

Try to arrange some construction outfits along with some yellow helmets for your little guests to make them enjoy the party even more apparently! Construction glasses, construction filled treat boxes, tote bags, tool flavor boxes, etc. are some mentionable appliances you should store to entertain your guests in such themed party.


Construction Party Food Ideas



 Construction Birthday party foods



 Construction Zone Cake Ideas



 Birthday cake Themed on Construction and crew


The birthday cake is the chief component of a party which holds the main attention of host to guests. For a construction themed birthday party, order a giant cake with two to three steps, which all must equally fill with the stroke of construction theme very precisely. Some creamy or choco made stones, some traffic cone designs, along with a few supplier trucks, cranes and road roller in the form of toy would resemble fantastically suitable in this type of party. Use some cocoa dust powder under the wheels of your toy trucks over the cake to show the replica of liquid pitches over a construction area!


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