DIY Moss Terrarium & Graffiti #28

Terrarium Moss:

Terrarium moss is one of the favorite moss designs of the utmost modern people, as it resembles very classy in any portion of indoor and doesn’t claim too much of maintenance to stay fresh.

To make such pattern you just need one clear glass container like Mason jar or a simple globe. Now bring a fresh piece of moss from the market or your garden and set it up inside the container. It would be better if you can trim your moss piece according to the shape of your glass object to make it more eye-catchy. Insert some small stones from in some contrasting shade and increase the visual interest of your terrarium.

Don’t forget to spread some potting soil inside the jar along with a thin layer of pebbles, before placing the moss inside it. These will give your moss good health along with a fine drainage layer.

DIY Glass Moss Terrarium and Plants

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Creative and Beautiful Terrarium Moss Garden

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DIY Moss Terrarium Tutorial

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Pretty little Sea Succulent Terrarium

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How to Make Succulent Terrarium

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DIY Moss Terrarium

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Easy Kid Friendly Moss Terrarium

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How to Make Moss Garden – Moss Terrarium

Moss Garden:

Moss garden is one of the top categories of this era which is grabbing huge popularity from the foremost contemporary gardeners. This kind of things not only make the outlook of your garden beautiful but at the same time, give the ground a pillow-soft roughage with a great green view.

You can plant moss in your garden area directly by bringing some fresh species from the nursery. But to spread the layer of moss on hard objects of vertically, make a moss milkshake in a blender and spread over the area. You will have a leafy moss ground soon.

How to Make Your Moss Garden

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Make a Moss Garden Step by Step DIY

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DIY Mini Terrarium Garden

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How to grow moss Step by Step Idea

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Hanging Moss:

Hanging moss looks good for a balcony or beautiful veranda views. It is one of the noted moss garden ideas of these days, which needs the lowest continuation once you set up properly.

All you have to do is that prepare a rich base for the moss with a mix of bonsai soil and peat moss, before setting the sheet moss into your hanging bucket or hamper. Often sprinkle water over the hanging moss garden to keep the plants alive for an extended period.

Kokedama Hanging Moss Ball Tutorial


DIY Hanging Moss Topiary

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DIY Hanging Moss Ball – Japanese Moss Balls

Hanging Terrarium


Hanging Terrarium Tutorial


How to Make a Moss Ball

DIY Hanging Succulent Terrarium


Moss Graffiti:

Moss graffiti is an artistic demonstration of gardening where paint makers represent the green graffiti in a creative way. To craft such thing you will need only some clumps of moss, 2 cups of buttermilk, 2 cups of water, a bit of sugar and some corn syrup.

At first select a perfect spot for your attempt and then, make an apparent sketch on that spot. Blend all the ingredients together and complete the sketch with that moss mixture. Some creative people use this platform give a social message to the world, instead of only decorating their garden area!

DIY Moss Graffti

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DIY Moss Graffiti Does It Work ?

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