DIY Washi Tape Craft Ideas #37

Washi tape is one kind of tape that is used for masking the tape because of its pretty and eye-catchy look. This washi tape was invented in Japan, where it is known as ‘masking tape’, and applies for the embellishments for the utmost times. This tape is made of natural fibers and from the bark of trees, which is now utilized in various creative fields like making crafts, covers, room decors, gift items, etc. The most excellent part is that these washi tapes are strong in quality and adaptable to apply on any kind of surface. Let’s check out some functional use of this useful tape in various meadows-

Washi Tape Dispenser and Organizer:

Making dispenser or organizer for washi tape is not a hard thing to do, and the most exciting part of this task is that, at the end of your course, you will get a nice resemblance too, in your room where the washi tapes are set to store.

A large project bag, a square plastic box, fabric cube, rolling large duffle bag, vintage suitcase, tote bag, etc. are some common places where you can organize your washi tape and use according to your needs!


Watchout for the Washi Tape


Washi Tape Storage House and Dispenser

consumer crafts


How to Make a Washi Tape with Carboard Box

tape box

DIY Washi Tape Wheel Dispenser

Via Amytangerine

Easy Foil Box Storage & Washi Tape Dispenser

tape holder

Easy Do It Yourself Washi Tape Dispenser

easy dispenser

Washi Tape Storage


Organized Washi Tape Box

organized chaos

Washi Tape Crafts:

These tape works efficiently to make any kind of craft with just some simple steps. The sticky quality of this tape could attach easily on any surface and give us a perfecting on our desirable handcraft.

Designs on a notebook, chic photo frames, alphabetical canvas, pretty boxes, artificial flower-vase, pen holder, bookmarks, pinwheels, or any kind of kids’ stuff, etc. are some common crafts which often made by the use of useful washi tape.

Easy Wash Tape Projects

Making Advent Calendar Treat Bags

Treat bags

Make Page Dividers with Washi Tape


Washi Tape School Supplies – Pencil Holder Desktop Organizer

Pencil Holder

Celebrate your Kid’s Good Job with Washi Tape Ribbon DIY Craft


Make Fancy Jewelry Crafts

Jewelry tutorial

Make Colorful Alphabet Craft with Washi Tapes


Add Creativity to Your Christmas Cards

christmas card

How to Make Bookmarks with Washi tapes


Washi Tape Greeting Card


Cute Kids Drink Mason Jar Craft

Kids mason jar craft

Washi Tapes Twist and Tie to Seal Your Bags

twist tie

Organize you Cords with Washi Tape

Name cord 

Decorate your Fridge with Washi Tape Magnets

colorful magnets

Customize your Clothes Pin With Washi Tape

clothes pin

Do Bunting Crafts with Washi Tape


How to Make Patterns and Polka Dot Flowers

designer tape flower 

Make some Feathers

Washi Feathers

Cute and Lovely Washi Tape Gift Wraps

berries gift wrap craft

Even Tea Lights Wish For Washi Tape Craft

washi tea lights


Greeting, Birthday Cards &  Gift Bags:

Washi tape demonstrates its functionality on cards and gifts as well! It is very simple to craft a wishing card with the help of this visualize tape on cards. You can ground an image, add a stripe, or designed wishing banner, on a card shaped paper and use it to express your feeling over it!

You can even make several nice gifts from this object apart from the gift packs or gift bows. Like a notebook, washi clips, pencil holder, party straws, baskets, food clips, coaster, lamp shade, etc.

With Washi Tape Its Not a Just Another Gift Wrap

gift wrap tape craft

Craft Colors to Your Phone with Designer Tape

phone case washi

Wall and Room Décor:

It is superfluous to say that this type of pretty object hugely influences wall décor and room décor field to make your interior classier. Various types of washi tapes have shown their versatility in different types of interior meadow, like walls, ceiling, windows, curtain, etc.

Canvas, skyline, brick style, corner arts, false window, etc. are some fancy wall art or room decoration ideas that you can try with this thing,

No need of Frames Anymore in Your Room Use Washi Tape

Picture frame craft

Boring Walls, Try These Creative Washi Tape Wall Art Backgrounds

washi wallpaper

Do Cute Birthday Cards With These Designer Tapes

 Designer tape card

Yet Another Birthday Card Design Using Japanese Decorative Tapes

Birthday Card

Keyboard and Laptop Skin:

Emphasize the keyboard of your computer and the laptop is one of the trendiest utilization of washi tape in recent times. This style makes the keyboards flaunt amazingly fashionable and protect the base from any possible damages.

To make this pattern, you will only follow some basic steps like clearing the whole keyboard before applying the washi tape. Now, take a perfect template of your keyboard with the help of a scrap piece and attach the sticky side with the washi tape. After getting the washi piece exactly in the shape of that template; set it out on your keyboard and enjoy the magical exhibit of your previous boarding black keyboard in a new trendy way!

Keyboard, Laptop and Phone Case Skin

No More Old Looks to Your Notebooks Try Washi Tape Book Covers

Patterned book covers

Japanese Tape Envelope Crafts

banner envelope

Get Artistic Try Some Creative Gift Box Wrap

Wrap art

Tons of Japanese Tape Crafts

DIY Washi Tape Crafts

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