DIY Pinecone Crafts Ideas: Ornaments and Kids Activities

Pine cone is a seed-bearing conical fruit grows in a pine tree and use as a massively effective object to make several beautiful crafts. This element is greatly functional to prepare event crafts; Christmas ornaments, home decorations, and gifts.

You know the best part of using pine cone to make an art craft is that you don’t need to twist the object very much, it has an everlasting quality, the brown resembles suits for every craft-type, and with the help of only some simple helping components, you can actually get a masterpiece in art for any event! Let’s check out some famous pine cone craft ideas in this article below-

Pinecone Craft Ideas


Pinecone spheres or balls are one of the most frequent craft to make with this object, especially during the festival ornamentations like Christmas or Halloween or Fall. Though the chic and exclusive look of a pinecone ball flaunts great as a table centerpiece of your furnish dining area, apart from the holiday mantle.

Material Needs:

To make a perfectly eye-catchy pinecone sphere you will need foam sphere, various sized pinecones, twine, stapler, hot glue gun and some glue.


  • At first, dry each pinecone piece entirely before use and rub the bottom of each piece so then, they could set one the foam ball securely.
  • Now, use hot glue on the whole surface of the foam ball and then, affix pinecone on the foam base until you cover the whole white area of foam ball with the brown pinecone shade.
  • Let it dry thoroughly and then set it in your any indoor area to get a rustic look.
  • Remember that if you are going to hang your pinecone ball on some spot then, set a loop of twine first on the foam ball, before start placing pinecone over it.

How to make pine cone topiary balls

pine cone topiary

Make holiday pine cone balls

holiday pine cone balls


Easy and beautiful styrofoam pine cone balls

pinecone sphere

Pine cone topiary 

Pine cone balls for wedding and ornaments

pinecone poms

Pinecone Ornaments:

Pinecone ornaments are essential for a traditional embellishment, whether it for Christmas or for other carnivals. This item amalgamates easily with any other ornamenting objects and always gives us an attractive item at the end of our crafting course!

Bleached pine cone ornaments, which are used to hang with some velvet ribbons; pinecone snap ornaments, which are used to craft as snow-globes; pine cone candle jars, which are used to make to light up the mantel of your house; topiary, that is used to decorate the garden or backyard area of your house; glittery snow pinecones, which are used to adorn the Christmas hall decoration; pine cone tree; glass cloche pine cones; pinecone door hanger, pinecone place cards, pinecone door decorations, pinecone tree hanging ornaments, etc. are some common patterns of festive ornaments made of this single pinecone object!

Felt and Pine Cone Owl Ornament

felt pinecone

Golden pine cone ornaments – brushed pine cones

gold pine cone

Homemade pinecone reindeer ornament

pinecone reindeer 

How to make pine cone garland and ornaments

pine cone gardland

Glittering Pine Cone Ornaments

scented pine cones

Making Bleached Pine Cone Ornaments

all on pinecones

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Pinecone Animals:

Making animal structure is another wonderful utilization of pinecone in an artistic manner that mostly lures kids’ attention for its adorable exhibit. This object performs incredibly swift to empress any kind of animal structure, thus, whenever we think of crafting a replica of animals, pinecone is the very first crafting element that occurs to our mind!

Although, you can make any animal structure from this single fruit but, still there are some specific criteria of animals, which get crafted more beautifully with pinecones than other equivalents. Penguin, mouse, owl, hedgehog, pangolin, reindeer, turkey, birds, crabs, and bear are some mentionable ones among them.

Felt Pinecone fox


Pine cone Hedgehog

pinecone small animals

Pinecone Spider


Pine cone turkey


Pine cone Penguin


How to bleach pine cone

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Pinecone Birdfeeder:

Pinecone could be used as a great birdfeeder component too, apart from its other functionalities. If you are thinking to make a quick pinecone project then, crafting birdfeeder is the best one for you! Basically, it is so simple to make that, some people call it the kid project. Actually, it is the most excellent way to instigate the artist in your kids by inspiring them making such item.

  • To prepare such thing you will need to gather some fully blossomed pinecones first in your outdoor are.
  • Now, attach a long string or wire pipe on the loop of your pinecone and make sure that the string it securely attach to the pinecone.
  • Then, spread a thick layer of peanut butter over your pinecone by using a butter knife.
  • Place birdseed in a plate in a lot of amounts and then roll the pinecone in that plate to coat it well.
  • When the pinecone is well-coated with enough birdseed, hang t in your garden and let the birds enjoy their food in a unique way.

DIY Pinecone Birdfeeder


5 step pine cone feeder


Video: Kids making pine cone bird feeder

Pinecone Flowers:

It is superfluous to say that crafting pinecone flowers are even easier than any other crafts, as, these cones naturally come with such flowery pattern, and you just need to give only a fanciful twist to make them a pretty flower shape!

You merely require coloring the pinecones with pretty many attractive colors to give them a flower pattern. Zinnia rose, sunflower, etc. is some common flowers which are easily made of pinecones.

Pinecone zinnia flowers

Pinecone flowers 1

Pine cone mason jar flowers

Mason jar flowers

Colorful pine cone flowers

pinecone flowers 2

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How to paint pine cones to look like succulents

Pinecone Wreath and Garland:

Doing crafts with pinecone and wouldn’t make any wreath or garland of them is quite impossible! Because any kind of event ornamentation is pretty much deficient without a pinecone wreath or garland.

Making a garland from pinecones is easy in which you just need to set some fresh pinecone pieces over a long string or wire and then hang it on the fireplace or upside of hall decoration.

Making a wreath from pinecones is actually clever trick as, pinecone wouldn’t rot or damage easily and thus, beseem beautiful for an extended period than any other flower wreath. To make such thing, you just need a strong wire wreath first and some glue along with some pinecones in different shapes. Only set the pinecones in a circle way over the wire wreath, cover the wire entirely with pinecones, and highlight it with a ribbon bow or other ornamentation after drying out properly!

You can paint your pinecones as well, before affixing them on the wire, to get any particular or multicolored wreath.

How to make pine cone flower wreath

DIY Pine cone wreath

Holiday pine cone wreath


Christmas Decor Pine Cone Wreath

Felicia kramer

DIY pine cone garland room decor

Redeem your ground

Easy 2 Step Pine Cone Garland


Giant Pine Cone Garland

lovely indeed

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