No sew DIY Emoji Pillows

DIY Emoji Pillows #2 No Sew and Sew & Glue Method

Pillows are one of the commonest things in this Emoji topic and some kids insist on having at least one or two Emoji pillows in their room because of its adorable flaunt. You can make these pillows in both stitched and unstitched forms.

No sew DIY Emoji Pillows
DIY No Sew Emoji Pillows

DIY Emoji Pillow No Sew Method

DIY Steps for No Sew Emoji Pillows – Julia

How to make emoji pillows

  • At first bring 2 yards of feeling or soft clothes in the yellow shade and decide what kind of emotion you want to craft on your Emoji.
  • Now, fold the felt from the middle, take a clear circle shape on the yellow piece with a wide round object like ball or bowl and then, cut the circle out from the whole piece and you will get two similar circles in your hand to finish the pillow.
  • Use one piece as Emoji front and the rest one as the back side of your pillow. After that, sew those two pieces up from the edges and leave a small portion to board stuffing from that side.
  • Now, after getting in some spongy stuff inside the pillow base, sew the open portion up.
  • Finally take a deep black marker and make your desired face over the yellow surface and finish the Emoji. Some people want to craft the face more durable, so they can use some pieces of black felts to create the facial expression in such cases!

DIY Emoji Pillow Sew and Glue Method

DIY Emoji Pillows Cut Sew Glue Method – Jazzbum

DIY Emoji Pillows cut sew glue method

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