Growing mushrooms how to grow mushroom

Growing Mushrooms: How to Grow Mushroom

Growing Mushroom: Mushroom is basically a fruiting body of an edible fungus that has a fleshy spore-bearing torso, which is considered as a tasty food supplement and used in several scrumptious preparations. Mushrooms generally originate over the ground on soil or above some of its food sources. After watching the amazing taste of it, several mushroom lovers start growing this edible fungus on their home to get enough fresh mushrooms at their reach.  Before growing mushrooms, you need to know some imperative sides of this plantation. Hence, let’s check out those significant points along with the growing methods of this fungus, in this article ahead-

Growing mushrooms how to grow mushroom

Growing Mushrooms:

1. How to Collect Spores:

Though other plants generally grow from seeds or their cutting, mushrooms are that one kind, which always propagates from spores into a fresh new fungal. Hence, it is necessary to know how to collect these spores for cultivating any of these kinds. Let’s check it out-

  • To collect spores from mushrooms take one mushroom and then, gently cut the stem off from the cap, so that you can have only the spore part, without any excess stem.
  • Make sure that you are not crushing or squishing the cap while cutting the stem out, as it would make the spore worthless t use.
  • Now, place the cap on a white piece of paper or file or index card along with the pores. Keep the bottom of the cap down to the paper, while placing it and make one or slices if the cap is a bit large in size.
  • After that, pour a drop of water on the top to keep it fresh and cautiously cover it up with a bowl or small container or cup.
  • Then, wait for at least next 24 hours and keep the cap totally untouched to give a perfect circumstance to release the sores from the head.
  • Remember that, you need to cover the cap as much carefully that the emerging spores couldn’t touch the covered cup ever!
  • After the certain period, remove the bowl or cup gently, hold the paper steadily and gently drag out the cap to expose the spore print beneath.
  • Then, organize the mushroom cap and put the spore print in a dry place of your indoor, where it could not be disturbed by anyhow.
  • After a few more days, to grow them properly, then remove the spores off the paper by using a sharp knife and scraping them off completely from the paper.
  • Now all you need is just cultivate them appropriately and take proper care to get a handful of healthy mushrooms.

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Growing Mushrooms using mushroom garden kit

2. Buying Spawns:

Mushroom spawns are the producer of this edible fungus, which is the ‘vegetative growth’ or the pure culture mushroom mycelium on a ‘safe to eat’ sterilized substrate. Arranging spawns is a step of mushroom cultivation, thus, we need to have this object, if we want to grow mushrooms in our own garden. Although, grain spawns can be prepared at home but, it requires a long and hectic process to follow. Hence, several modern age gardeners prefer to buy this thing from the market, instead of creating them at home! You can buy this object from the supermarket near you, or you can even buy this from the online store or any retail shops as well, just certain the variety that you need to grow, before ordering a spawn.

3. Choosing Place for Growing Mushroom:

To grow mushroom at home, you need to decide the place first, where you need to cultivate your mushrooms, whether it is an indoor or outdoor spot. As this edible fungus grows from spores, instead of seeds, unlike other plants, thus, it will be better if you can start your cultivation from a dehydrated indoor area. This tasty fungal object needs dry climate to emerge the spore and could germinate on different sort of substance like wooden plugs, dead wood-barks, sawdust, wood chips, straw, grain, etc. Though, some mushrooms could grow amazingly on the ground on soil with the help of some fungal compost mixes. Actually, the place for growing mushrooms depends on the variety that you choose to cultivate.

  • This fungus likes cool, dark and moist or full of humid place to grow. Hence, if you are looking forward to growing them in your house then, home-basement would be a perfect place to cultivate!
  • Under the sink spot would e another magnificent place to grow these super tasty objects in a natural way.
  • Make sure that the temperature stays in an average cool measurement to keep the growth consistent.
  • Though mushroom could stand against some light, but remember that it always prefer low light or relatively dusky place to grow in a healthy manner.
  • Nevertheless, some of their species can bear little shady sunlight, thus they choose ground or damp shade of tall tree logs to make their growth.

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Growing mushrooms and making mushroom compost

4. Growing Mushroom and Care:

  • After finding a dark chilly place, get prepare for making the perfect spawn in a plastic bag and for that, you need to vaccinate the mushroom substrate with spawn.
  • Generally, spawn come up in a syringe, so you can inject it in the bag which holds the substrate inside it. We will recommend you to use mushroom growing kit to do the process more effortlessly.
  • Now, store them in different places and keep in a warm place with 70 ̊F temperature for at least next two weeks.
  • If you are trying to cultivate mushrooms in a cool place, and then use some heating pad to provide the right temperature to your spawns, so then they could instigate the growth of mycelium speedily.
  • Once you see the roots have occurred apparently, low the temperature and take out the mycelium rich spawns from the bags or container.
  • Now, prepare a place with potting soil and peat moss, place those spawns with delicate mycelium web and cover them up with some more compost or peat moss.
  • After that, place a thin cloth or a layer of newspaper over the soil and spray some water with a sprayer.
  • Keep the top layer always moist and whenever you see the mycelium are getting healthier, remove the layer from the top to give them enough space to grow, or remove the layer after a certain period of 10 days as well!
  • Now, water them frequently and try to keep the soil moist for the utmost times of a day, but make sure that you are not dripping wet the soil for all time!
  • Try to keep the temperature around 55 ̊F throughout the whole growing season.
  • You can continue to steam the soil and mix some moss often until you some tiny mushrooms start to sprout.
  • Finally, let them grow to the fullest, and then begin your harvesting in the delicate process as we mentioned above.

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5. Mushroom growing Kit Methods:

Mushroom growing kit is a set of equipment that helps to cultivate mushrooms at home in a more effortless way. In this contemporary era, this kind of kits come with each and every single substance that you need to create your own mushroom material conception! This sort of kit incorporates one bag of dehydrating mushroom material, gloves, flour, and molding tools along with an incubator bag. All you just have to do is that, after having this kit, add some water and flour to the dehydrated material and it will start to work on the growing mycelium system!

Growing mushroom Time Lapse Video

6. Types of mushroom

Growing process of mushrooms varies by its different types or varieties, so let’s check out some top categories of this edible toadstool, which are astonishingly tasty and easy to cultivate. Take a look-

  • White Button: It is one of the tastiest mushrooms, which are mostly originated in the American country. This is a commonly grown mushroom that needs a very ordinary dilemma to grow, thus, several gardeners love to cultivate it in their own garden area!
  • Cremini: This Cremini mushroom is another greatly tasty species among its other equivalent that is mostly grown in a shady area. Thus, numerous contemporary gardeners cultivate these mushrooms in their indoor area.
  • Oyster: It is one of the healthiest mushrooms around that is also regarded for its easy to cultivate quality medicinal value. This one mostly originates from the food sources rather than, on the ground.
  • Turkey Tail: This is one of the special types of mushroom comes in an attractive colorful form and mostly detect in the North American cities. As it cultivates on the dead hardwood, thus, effortless to grow at home, and demands a low maintenance than other related species.
  • Giant Puffball: It is one of largest mushrooms, which comes in a white shade along with the huge size. This mushroom also feeds on the dead organic components and grows best at the grasslands.
  • Reishi: This is another mentionable healthy mushroom among its other species that is used in several herbal medicines, especially, in China. It is one of the oldest mushrooms in this world that comes in a reddish-brown shade along with ivory colored edges.
  • Morels: This is one of the delicate mushrooms that needs a very specific cultivating condition and mostly uses for several scientific types of research. Though the utmost Morels mushrooms are edible,  there are some species in this category which are considered a bit poisonous. Thus, be careful when you are picking this mushroom to cultivate!
  • Chicken of the Woods: This is one tastier mushroom ever, that comes in a beautiful curved pattern and vivacious yellow-orange color. These types of mushrooms are hugely appreciated by the several mushroom lovers because of its lemony meaty taste. Chicken of the wood mushroom basically originate on the tree-bark and can grow in natural circumstance.
  • Black Trumpet: This one holds the best taste among all its other equivalents. This is basically a wild type mushroom that holds a really unremarkable appearance, thus, sometimes ignored by the gardeners. But, this funnel-shaped, dark gray colored mushroom could grow on the ground in a normal garden circumstance.
  • Shaggy Mane: It is the softest mushrooms than its all types and probably the best wild mushroom ever! This one holds a unique appearance in perfect white shade grows with a little finesse, which increases its taste more dynamically. You can cultivate this mushroom in your own backyard with just some simple methods.

Health Benefits of Mushrooms:

  • Mushrooms are enriched with several health benefits as we all know, and working for a good-bladder system is one of the best excellences it has!
  • Some kinds of mushrooms provide high iron to our system that helps to run the good blood circulation.
  • The richness of vitamin D in some categories of mushrooms lends a hand to promote the growth of your bone and for absorbing calcium in our body.
  • All kinds of mushrooms enhance some essential nutrients, which are good health supplement for our utmost organs.
  • This edible fungus could cater high antioxidant capacity that helps to fight against cancer and work as an inflammatory supplement as well!
  • Mushrooms help to blood sugar and insulin level in our blood, thus, highly essential for control diabetes.
  • It also works for a good heart heath and provides us a great immune power to combat against any simple diseases or virus.

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Mushrooms Nutrition and Calories:

Mushrooms are enriched with high nutrition supplements and beneficial calorie content, which work for our good health condition. Several types of mushrooms contain vitamin D, Riboflavin, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid 15%, magnesium, selenium, copper, zinc, phosphorous, folate, selenium, niacin, iron, and vitamin C.

This super tasty and healthy fungus is very low in calorie that includes only 22 calories per every 100 of mushrooms. It is completely fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free and very low in sodium, which makes this food so esteemed in the health-conscious people.

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