How to Grow Tulips: Growing Tulips Indoors in Water and from Seeds

Tulip is a bulbous plant with a vibrant showy flower that belongs to the lily family and basically a herbaceous herb genus plant. Though flowers of this plant emerge in an unscented form, yet massively appreciated for their several vibrant shades. In some Eurasian and North African countries, these flowers are so regarded that, they celebrate an individual carnival with the shake of this flowers which they named ‘Tulip Festival’! In those countries, this flower is planted as a crop and considered as one of the favorite plants of the foremost gardeners too! Let’s check out some more planting details on this plant below-

How to grow tulips growing tulips indoor and garden

How to grow Tulips Indoors?

Tulips can’t grow outside without a particular season, thus who don’t want to wait for that specific time of the year can start their tulips gardening in indoor! To grow this spring plant indoor, gardeners need to follow some clear instructions, hence, let’s check the procedure below in step by step methods-

  • At first, arrange some fresh and big tulip bulbs to plant, as they grow faster than the smaller bulbs.
  • Now take a wide clay pot with medium base, like sphagnum moss and fill the pot one-half inch from the top with dark potting soil. Remember that tulip plant doesn’t need deep root; they only seek for the rich soil for their proper grows.
  • After planting the tulip bulbs into that soil, spread some more potting soil from the top to secure the planting give some water over it. Make sure that your watering system doesn’t harm or disturb the bulbs of your tulip plant.
  • Now, you need to place your planting pot in a cool place as this plant requires humidity still germination.
  • Once the tulip roots start sprouting, you have to move the planter to a warm and sunny place, as at this condition, tulip plants need 6 to 8 hours direct sunlight for their adequate growth.
  • But, when you move your tulip plant in a sunny spot, make certain that it doesn’t make the soil completely dry by the sunlight! So, once you moved your planter into a warm place, start watering frequently that before for not to dry out the soil entirely for a single moment!
  • Now, all you need is just take care your plant with sunlight and water and wait for the flower to blossom.
  • The best part of planting a tulip flower plant is that it doesn’t take too much of time to grow or blossom, if you place your plant in late fall of the season, your plants will bloom by the mid-December for sure!

Forcing tulip bulbs to grow indoors

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How to Grow Tulips in Water?

Do you know that this tulip plant has one more surprising quality of growing in water. This plant is so self-sufficient that you can grow it in just a simple vase as well in the base of complete plain water! Thus, a few indoor garden lovers like to force this plant to blossom indoor in water foundation with some utterly simple procedures, let’s check out the steps below-

  • When you are forcing tulip bulb to grow in a water base, you need to supply a cold environment to start flowering. Thus, try to keep your selected bulbs at a temperature between 30 to 50 Fahrenheit and a fridge salad drawer could fit more efficiently in such matter.
  • After selecting your bulbs, place them in that cool temperature for more than 3 and a half month.
  • After the chilling process, store those bulbs in a dark, dry and cool place for a more few while inside some paper bags.
  • Now, pick some properly sized vase to place those bulbs in the water base. Remember that you need one vase where the bulbs should not touch the water. You have to place it right above the water where only the tulips roots could touch the water base below!
  • While you are placing the bulbs into the vase, the bulbs root will require a few inches of the base of water to cultivate down into.
  • If you can find a proper vase with the perfect measurement then, take adequate water. Also try the alternative stone filled vase method. This will give you a flawless planting process for the growing tulip in water . And yes at the same time provide you an eye-catchy look for the home furnishing, in just one receptacle!
  • After planting the bulbs properly, place the pot in a place with humidity along with the semi-cool  atmosphere. Make sure that the temperature shouldn’t up more than 60 F to get a better flowing of your bulbs.
  • Once you see the seeds are starting sprout, move the pot into a brighter place in indirect sunlight. Keep rolling or rotating your vase under sunlight, so then it could get the light evenly in every single portion of the plant.
  • You can force the plant to flower after 2 months if you want! But, generally, tulips plants start blossoming perfectly after the duration of 3 to 4 months in the watering process.
  • Once your plants get blooming, remove the pot from the sunlight and place them at your desiring place of the house, so then, it could increase the beauty of that room.

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How to grow Tulips from Seeds?

Growing plants from seeds are more difficult than growing from the sprouted bulbs. It is more intense to take care and wait, as it takes weeks to germinate the plant from the tulips seeds. Let’s validate the procedure ahead-

  • Take a nursery tray pot and fill with sandy soil as tulip seeds need sandy soil at their initial stage to germinate in healthy condition.
  • After putting the seeds over the soil, cover them up with a thin layer of soil from the top. Tulip plants need well-drained soil, so frequently amend your soil during the whole forcing process to keep the drainage system perfect.
  • Now place the pot in a shady and cold place and keep it moist with adequate water. Make certain that you are not making the soil wet or over humidify it in the shake of moisturizing it!
  • If you are sowing several seeds in one long planter then, try to maintain a minimum distance of 4 to 6 inches between the seedling.
  • Now leave the pot in that place for the next 8 to 10 months, still the germination. Once they are germinated, take out the sprouted plant and plant it in your garden following the proper direction of tulip gardening. To know more about planting tulip in your garden check the below-mentioned point thoroughly.

How to encourage long life of tulips and care – tulip bulbs.

Planting Tulips

When to Transfer Tulips in Garden and How Deep to Plant Tulips?

To plant this heavenly beautiful flower in your garden you need to know a few specific things about tulip gardening –

  • At first you decide a perfect place in your garden where you want to plant the tulip seeds.
  • You have to choose a place which could get indirect sunlight, proper air circulation and couldn’t get disturbed for the next 18 months!
  • You need to select some perfect bulbs of this plant in the very next stage or you can plant those above mentioned germinated plants too at the selected place in your garden.
  • Now, take a trowel and dig some holes at that specific place with a depth of 6 to 8 inches. Just keep in mind that the hole should be three times as deep as the tulip bulbs in the measurement. Maintain a minimum gap of 4 to 6 inches while planting the bulbs in a row.
  • You can place 2 to 3 bulbs in every single hole and then fill the hole with adequate soil to secure the planting completely.
  • Now all you need is just slightly fertilize the whole area with some nutrients full bulb food and water the bulbs with sufficient water as well.
  • If you are planting your tulip bulbs in the garden, under the outdoor atmosphere then, you have to sow them in the late fall; and if you plant them in late fall then be certain to get a bloom in the middle of the spring.

Tips on how to grow tulips – Telegraph and check tulips garden planting for ideas on tulips planting sites and how deep to plant tulips.

How to Plant tulips Video from Longfield Gardens

How to take care of Tulip Plants?

Taking care of tulip plant may be a delicate thing to validate, as it takes quite a long period to form the bloom condition from a seedling. According to the agriculture method, first, the flowering of tulip plant could take 4 to 6 years owing to the cross-pollination. On the other hand, if you start planting bulbs or sported plants, it won’t take much long to be matured. However, both the conditions need some specific care and validation of your tulip plant, let’s take a look at them-

  • Protect tulip plant from direct heat or the frigid environment, when they are in delicate or tender form.
  • Prepare the soil fertilizer mixture combine with compost to get the most healthy outcome of your tulip plants.
  • Check the drainage system of your planting soil frequently and make certain that watering system doesn’t make the root wet or humid for a long while, as it could kill the whole plant after being unnoticed for a long period! We will recommend you to water three times a week to keep the system perfect for your plants.
  • Once the plant starts blooming, try to keep off the shades from your tulips plants, if you want to get the flower in proper vibrant shades.
  • After getting blossoms in your tulip plants, don’t cut off until the leaves turn completely yellow. Through this processing, leaves will allow catering food to the bulbs for stronger and wider blooms than ever!
  • Sometimes, one bulb could flower more than one time, so hold and validate properly, before cutting them or dragging them out from the root.

Types of Tulips:

Tulip has various types with different shades and grows in different conditions as well. According to the encyclopedia of tulips, approximately 75 thousands of types of tulips species are recently accepted by the world and among them, varieties species are one of the popular types of this plant. It can cultivated in a natural growing environment with some true effortless processes! Negrita, prinses Irene, sweetheart, zurel, Unicom, mention, fusilier, etc. are a few mentionable species of this flower. These flowers come up with different vibrant shades and easily cultivate in a garden or indoor circumstance.

Tulips Festivals:

Tulip carnivals are held in several cities around the world, especially, in the cities of North America with Dutch heritage. Holland, Washington, Seattle and Utah are those particular cities, where this festival is celebrated in a serious form with some entertaining rituals.

In Holland, this festival has been held in mid-May every year since the 1929. Currently this festival is regarded as one of the largest tulips festivals in the country. The celebration includes parades, fireworks, Dutch market, along with various shows. Currently, this festival starts on the first Saturday of the month of May. Which is celebrated throughout an entire week till the second Saturday of the same month. Other mentioned places commemorate their festival quite similar way, just with more or fewer days. In Washington, during this festival, millions of tourists visit the city to celebrate the Skagit tulip festival with proper manner.


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