DIY Tomatoes: How to Can, Freeze, Peel, Ripen and Make Sun Dried Tomatoes

How to Peel Tomatoes:

How to peel tomatoesTomato has a very thin and delicate skin type which makes this a bit difficult peel this vegetable flawlessly without damaging its pulp. Check these two utterly easy ways to peel a ripe tomato below-

  • In the first or gas flame process, take a large ripe tomato, take out its stems, if still there are any and was it clearly with plain water.
  • After soaking it up, set or spear the tomato with a fork at the top where the stem core is flaunting.
  • Now, place it in your gas oven and turn the heat on over medium condition.
  • Keep rolling the fork to provide the heat on each side equally of tomato; otherwise, it will start to cook!
  • When the skin starts to split or blister, turn off the heat and let the tomato cool for a few seconds. Then just begin the peeling where the skin split and turn out the entire skin of the tomato easily!
  • In the second or boiling water process, clear a ripe tomato in a similar method and then make a sharp X on the bottom of the tomato.
  • Now, place the tomato into a boiling water container and simmer until you see the X will start splitting. It may occur in the duration of 20 to 225 seconds.
  • Take out the tomato immediately after that duration and place into a bowl full of ice water. It will prevent the inside boiling of that tomato which may happen because of that hot water!
  • However now remove the tomato from the ice water and pulling the skin back gently from that tomato starting from that X mark!

Peeling tomato video reference

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