DIY Bending Pencil : How to Make Stretchy Pencils

One of the common traits of DIY freak people is that they keep experimenting their hands onto new, new ventures and fields, especially, once they got success in their crafting attempts! Today, we are going to drag you into the study field again to make an unusual craft. After mentioning about the liquid eraser and glitter liquid pen methods, now, we are instructing you another delightful venture on pencils, which will definitely captivate you like the previous endeavors. This time, we are come up with a stretchy bending pencil pattern, which may lure your kids in a funny way, and drag the attention of parents as well, because of its flexibility. Check the procedure below-

DIY Stretchy Bending Pencils

DIY School Supplies : How to Make Stretchy Bending Pencils

Supplies Needed for Stretchy Pencils:

  • Packets of bake and bend clay in different shades
  • Some pencils
  • Sharp cutter
  • Metal stick
  • Toothpick
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser lid

DIY Pencil Instructions:

  • At first, take a pencil; start parting it lengthwise from the middle with the sharp cutter.
  • Once you cut away the half portion perfectly, take out the rifle or carbon layer gently with the help of your cutter.
  • Now, make some dust from that layer again using the knife. Try to grate it slow and steadily with the edges of your cutter, this way you will get a smooth and pure dust form of that layer. You can use the sand paper instead of that knife or cutter; it will give your desiring dust even more easily.
  • Then, take some of the black clay from the packet and mix it in the dust.
  • Keep rubbing the clay in the dust until you entirely merge two ingredients smoothly.
  • After washing your hands, take some clay in different color, rub and knead it onto the deck and make a shape of a normal
  • Now, take the metal stick, carefully insert it into the clay pencil and when you make a proper hole for the dark layer, take it out gently from the pencil.
  • Then, stuff the hole with the dark layer of carbon dust and black clay by the help of a toothpick.
  • Once your stuffing is complete, put the pencil in your oven and heat it up for 1 minute.
  • After that take the sharpener and sharpen then pencil properly as much your needs.
  • Finally, take a back lid with a tiny eraser and glue it on the bottom of your bendable pencil, and your trendy and unique stretchy bending pencil is all ready to use.

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DIY Video Bending Stretchy Pencils

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