DIY Mason Jars: Spooky Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries

Mason jars and their never-ending benefits always inspire us to do something innovative with this object. We have already mentioned varieties of utilization of this functional component in several drifts like DIY mason jar storage, home decors, craft arts, etc. Today, we are going to show how to make mason jar luminaries for Halloween in such easy and simple way. Halloween is that occasion which considered as the best event for all hallows, on which we generally décor our houses with weird decorations. Hence, when we mention making any craft for this special event, it is inevitable that the craft must have a stroke of scary things. Our mason jar luminaries are definitely not an exceptional from that as well! Let’s check out the step by step procedure below-

DIY Halloween Spooky Glow Mason Jars

DIY Mason Jar Luminaries for Spooky Halloween

Supplies Needed for Mason Jar Luminaries:

To make these items you require, 2 mason jars, a sharp pencil, a liner, some vibrant paints, paint brushes in different shapes, a staunch brush, tip candles, a paper plate, cutter, a sharpie, and a clear spray.

DIY Halloween Mason Jar Instructions:

  • At the initial stage, take your clear mason jars and take out the lid over them.
  • Then, take the color paint of your choice and pour out some of them into your plate.
  • Now, take you wider paint brush or a staunch brush, dip it into the pigment and start coloring your clear mason jars.
  • When your coloring is complete from the entire sides of the jar let it dry for a few hours. Leave the extreme top part of each jar, as we will cover up those areas with the lids later!
  • Then, take the pencil, draw on some weird sketches over the coloring surface of each mason jars.
  • In the next step, you need to hold the sharpie and begin to outline your pencil. This step is optional, as it doesn’t have to follow this step if you mark the sketches deeply with your pencil.
  • Now, take some black paint into your paper plate again, dip a detail paint brush and begin to color those face features properly.
  • Then, take your lids and remove the middle part with a sharp cutter and throw it all way, as we need to keep the front open for the lighting.
  • Now, take the Stanch brush again and paint those lids with this brush in the shade of black.
  • When the coloring is done, let them dry up by spraying some clear spray over the jars, and set those lids over every mason jar appropriately.
  • Finally, place a single candle at the bottom of each jar and lighten them up. Now, all you need to do is that situate those luminaries decoratively in front of your house to get a true mysterious glance on that special occasion.

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DIY Halloween Mason Jar Video

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