DIY Gift ideas: #4 Easy Birthday Gift ideas for Friends and Family

Birthday is that special occasion where everyone wants to present the best gift when it comes to the matter of an event of their near and dear ones! Sometimes we just feel clueless about what kind of gift suits paramount for this commemoration as there are so many options we found in the market! Today, we are suggesting you top 4 gift ideas for birthday presentation, which you can make on your own with some measly homemade materials. Check out the DIY procedure of these products in step by step method, which you can find in our gallery as well-

DIY Easy Birthday Gift Ideas for Friends

DIY Birthday Gift Ideas

How to Make These Things:

Burlap Pillow:

Burlap pillow is a unique item to gift to any of your family members or friends so, we are going to craft thins thing with a pretty nice touch. To make this item you need follow the instruction below-

  • To make this item, take a piece of burlap with an adequate measurement so then it can wrap a cushion of pillow from the middle.
  • Now, pick a word which you want to write on your burlap, and cut out the shape of each alphabet of that word on cardboard pieces.
  • Then, place your burlap on a table, tuck the entire cardboard piece over the burlap and set properly to complete the word you want to get on the pillow.
  • Now take black paint and fill the stanchions totally over the burlap.
  • When, you would complete the word, take out the pieces and deepen those alphabets with a black paint.
  • Once the word dried properly stick the burlap on a cushion or pillow with hot glue and it’s all ready to present to your birthday person!

Photo Lamination:

Photo frame or photo lamination is something that always delights people, so gifting a nice photo frame definitely would be a great idea for a birthday occasion.

  • To make this item, take a print out of your desiring photo from your printer on a temporary tuck tube paper, at the initial stage.
  • Now, take the sticky side of a transparent parchment paper and put that on to your picture for a while.
  • At this time, take a nice piece of tree bark make, and it smoothens with a sandawood paper on the both sides.
  • Then, cut the photo in the pattern of your tree log, after taking an apparent shape of that bark.
  • Now remove the sticky obstacle from the photo surface gently, so then it can’t give any wrinkle to your photo.
  • Then, put the photo over the bark in the pattern of upside down.
  • Take a wet washcloth, press gently from the back side of the photo for a while.
  • Finally, take out the photo gently, and you will get the most excellent photo lamination on a tree bark in the pattern of vintage style.

Wish Card:

Wish card is anther wonderful object to present your dear persons on their birthday, which can wish for the person as well as hold some other gifts cards on its torso! Let’s check out the procedure-

  • At first, cut out a brown pepper into the curved shape with a scissor.
  • Then, cut out two rectangular shapes from two printed cupcake liners, among them, one piece must be shorter than the rest one.
  • After that, white piece of card and put that smaller cupcake liner piece over at the bottom of the card.
  • Now, glue the bigger one over the smaller one in the same pattern.
  • Then, stick the brown piece of paper half inside the top liner.
  • Now, glue a colorful candle above the cupcake and make sure that you are choosing the colorful one, as you already chosen the card in white surface.
  • Above the candle, draw a nice pattern of flame with an orange marker to show that the candle is all lighten up!
  • Finally, write down three remaining letters of the word ‘Wish’ on the card as we take the candle as the ‘I’ of that word.
  • You can put a gift card into the cupcake if you want to present something more to your birthday person.

Yummy Smores Bars Dessert:

A birthday celebration could not be completed without a scrumptious dessert, isn’t it! We have already referred some beautiful dessert items in our previous dessert related article, but today we are suggesting something more effortless yet mouthwatering preparation as a birthday dessert. Take a look-

  • At first, take a microwave safe tray; line up the base with some cream cracker
  • Then add on some chocolate chips cookie dough and spread over the base with this dough smoothly.
  • Now, bake the dough for 7 minutes in your microwave oven and then take it out,
  • After that, add some marshmallow pieces along with choco bars and then put the tray back in your over and bake again for 5 minutes more. You must keep the temperature of your oven at 375 degrees.
  • Finally, take out the prepared thing and cut them out into bars. Now they are already gift wrap and present to your birthday person.

You can see that these bars look great in this pot, so if you want to make this pot at home too, then follow the instruction below-

  • At first, take or buy a clay pot from the market and paint it with black spray.
  • Then, use more colors to decorate the paint as you can see in the video and let it dry properly before place those Smores bars over the pot.

DIY Gifts for Birthday


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