DIY Sock Plush Toys: #3 How to Make Sock Donuts Toys for Multiple Purposes

DIY processing has always shown us how to craft unique things with simple objects. We have already mentioned some easy course of actions on how to make adorable toys using some socks in our previous sock toys article. Today, we instruct you about the making procedure of sock donuts along some simplest steps. We all love this sugary confectionary item donut, right? So let’s make some sock donuts with pretty adornment which you can use for multiple purposes. We are referring three different patterns of donuts, which could be used for various rationales, check them out-

DIY How to Make Sock Donut Stress Toys

DIY Sock Donuts

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How to make Sock Donuts:

Large Stuffed Donut Toys:

  • To make a hand full of donut you need one yarn sock, scissor, glue gun, beads, colorful felts, and some pillow stuffing.
  • At first, cut the top part of a sock away with a scissor and turn the inside out of that sock.
  • Now, fold it once from the bottom towards the top and add the pillow stuffing inside it. Make sure that you stuff the fold with adequate stuffing, so then it will get a proper shape of a donut.
  • Then, tighten up the filling by stretching the upper section of the sock.
  • Now, fold the stuffing portion in a reverse way with the remaining sock and do it again in a reverse way.
  • When you are doing this process, make certain that you are not covering the middle hole of that donut. Thus always keep inserting the sock into the hole for every single time, whenever you fold the stuffing part!
  • When you would reach the end panel of the sock after repeating this process, use the gun glue and at the edges and stick those edges with the sock donut.
  • After completing the donut structure, it’s time to go for the topping of your donuts and for that take vibrant colored felt.
  • Tuck the sock donut over the felt piece; take an uneven or haphazard shape of the donut.
  • After that, keep aside the donut and cut out the felt with the scissor.
  • When it’s all done, stick it over the one side of your sock donut, we are attaching it on the side where the uneven edges are seen unpleasantly!
  • Now, all you need is that decorate the topping with some beads to give a perfect or realistic donut stroke.
  • To get different types of decorations just change the felt color and beads’ sizes. You can even use some yarns or thread too, for embellishing the sock donut.

Now they are all ready to play! You can make use of these donuts as the stuffed toys for your kids or pets; you can even use them as sofa cushion by attaching them together or hang them and use them as air fresher as well!

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Baby Donut Toys:

Baby donut toys are one of the most popular decoration objects of these days, which kids hugely prefer for several purposes.

  • To make these kinds of items you need, some yarn gloves, one scissor, glue gun, felts, and beads.
  • At the initial stage, cut out the finger portions on yarn gloves and slice away the top part of each portion.
  • Now, do inside out of each part and start folding the part with our hand by giving it a pattern of a donut. Here, we need to keep the middle hole very clear while folding them like a donut.
  • Now cut out some felt pieces following the same process as we did earlier, and stick them on the socks made mini donuts. Use different types of felts for different colored donuts.
  • Finally, add some beads or thread or yarn pieces over the felt topping with the help of tongs and let them dry properly.
  • Once, all the part dry out appropriately, use these baby donuts as a fridge magnet, pencil decoration, brooch, hair clip adornment or headband embellishment, etc.

Hand Warmer & Stress Toy Donuts:

  • To this most functional sock donuts you need, one soft sock, some dry rice, strings and yarns in different shades along with a needle and glue.
  • At the beginning cut away the top of the sock and do the first fold with a lot of sock base.
  • Now put 5 to 6 big tbsp rice into that fold and seal the open portions with cloth pins.
  • Now sew it up and take out those pins carefully.
  • After that fold the sock in a reverse way and pull the remaining part from the middle and do the same until you reach the end of your sock.
  • Now sew up the rest edges with the prepared donut strongly.
  • Then, take a nice and vibrant piece of felt which you must cut in the pattern of a creamy topping shape of your donut, and glue it perfectly on the top of your sock donut.
  • Now, for this kind of donut, we use yarn decoration over the felt topping rather than beads or thread decoration. Hence, choose 3 different shades of yarn; sew the top with ladder stitches, and use 3 colors unevenly and haphazardly while stitching the top felt, as it gives your donut more real glance than ever!
  • Now all you need is just warm them up in your microwave oven for 4 to 5 minutes and use them as a funky hand warmer in the freezing atmosphere of winter.

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DIY Sock Donuts Video

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