DIY Lampshade: How to make Yarn Globe Lanterns, String Lights

If you have checked our orb light article already then, you must seek for some more creative ideas on some more string lights! How about crafting a pretty lantern for your house interior to hang them from the ceiling? Well, you must agree that a lantern always increases the beauty of a place enchantingly, whether it is a living area or a balcony, a bedroom or a dining place! Thus, here we are presenting a sparkling idea on how to make yarn globe lantern with string light in an effortless way. Check out the step by step method to make this item with a DIY process-

DIY Lamp Shade Yarn Globe Lights

How to make Yarn Globe lantern – Lamp shade


  • To craft this item gather a roll of cotton yarn, basic school glue, a large bouncy ball, a container to hold the ball, a medium mixing bowl to make the glue mixture and a marker. We use cotton yarn because; they get really hard when to dry out properly and at the same time they cater a nice view to the glow of a lamp!
  • At first, broaden some towel where you are going to make the craft and wear a protector from glue or water as this process are going to get really messy!
  • Then, take the bouncy ball to your desired size as you can get them in several sizes in the market. Make two clear marks with your marker on that ball, so then, you can have proper places for the large opening in the bottom of the lantern and a little opening on the top to insert the holder cord can come out, while you are making the yarns stuff over the ball.
  • Now you need to prepare the glue and for that take the mixing container, pour the entire bottle of the glue inside it and add an equal portion of water in the glue, stir them well and make a light paste of it.
  • The next step is to wrap the yarn into the glue and for that, you need to dip the whole yarn roll inside the bowl!
  • Bring you ball right over, place it in a plastic container so then you can put it properly while your wrapping would be done.
  • Now, take your glued string and just start to wrap the ball with a haphazard covering pattern from here and there. Don’t forget to leave those places from wrapping which you were marked before, but, if you do wrap those places mistakenly, don’t worry at all, because, you can actually pull it down with your hand and push the yarn at the limit you desired!
  • Wrap the ball by using the whole yarn roll which may take a long while, tuck the end of the string somewhere a bit carefully so then, it can’t come out, while it’s all done.
  • Now, put the ball on that container and pour the remaining glue mix over it, which going to make the lantern more solid or hard.
  • After that, take a smaller container and put the ball on it, check that the edges of the container don’t touch any portion of the yarn.
  • Keep this thing dry out appropriately for 2 whole days and then, jump to our next segment which is to flee the ball and see how pretty it actually flaunts!
  • After taking out the ball from it, take a hanging light fixture, a light bolt, metal clasp connector and a washer.
  • To set the lamp into the lantern, set the washer first on the desired place where you like to attach the light, take the metal clasp connector, set this with the cord, along with the washer. Insert this prepared holder into the lantern, take out the cord into the place we leave for it and set the bulb onto the holder. Now it’s all ready to hang and captivate the whole place where you wish to hang this down!

How to make Lampshade with Yarn

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