DIY Sock Plushie Craft: How to make Sock Pikachu Pokémon Soft toy

Pikachu is one noted video game character that got into the limelight after featuring animated series and film on it. Kids are hugely impressed with this fictional creature, which is basically a species of Pokémon. This yellow adorable animal has so much strong imprint on children that the utmost kids are craving to have at least one Pokémon soft toy in their collection! Today, we will lead about how to make this Pikachu Pokémon soft toy with the DIY process from simple socks to present your kid. Check out these steps thoroughly-

DIY Socks Pikachu Pokemon Soft Toy


  • To make this kind of soft toys you need, 2 yarn socks, some felts, lots of sponge stuffing, embroidery thread, 1 piece of foam, one marker, black fabric color pen, needle and a scissor.
  • At first, take one sock and stuff it with stuffing materials, cut away the excess part of the sock when you have enough stuffing in your sock.
  • Sew the open portion with running stitch, when the stitches are done, pull the thread to seal and make sure that raw edges of your sewing stay completely inside to get the flawless glance of your soft toy. Make a tight knot at the end to secure your sewing.
  • After cutting out the thread, you need to give the body part a perfect shape of a Pokémon, thus, you require sewing around with the running stitch. When it’s done, pull the thread to create the crease on the body part, make a tight knot and cut the thread away.
  • Now, take the remaining fabric from the first sock and the rest one sock, turn inside out of both socks, draw the feet pattern on the remaining sock’s part and arm pattern on the upper section of the whole sock, then on the rest part, draw two ears and one tail. To draw these last two items over the sock surface, you need to arrange paper cuttings in the shape of these body parts.
  • After the drawings are done, sew along the lines with back stitches.
  • Now, cut out all the patterns from the main base with a sharp scissor. Make sure that you are leaving 5 to 6mm seam allowance for each part while cutting them out.
  • After that, turn right side out of every single part.
  • Stuff the arms, feet, and ears with soft sponge stuffing and keep them aside.
  • Now, take felts, cut out face features from that material which are eyes, nose and two rosy chicks. Stick them properly over the face of your Pokémon toy.
  • Then, draw the mouth pattern over the face of your toy with a marker pen and sew along the lips using the embroidery thread. When you are inserting the needle with thread, try to hide its knot under the chick felt and end the knot at the same spot as well!
  • Finally, glue all the felt patterns flawlessly on the facial surface.
  • Now, take your premade ear parts, place them in the perfect place and sew properly with a ladder stitch, push in the raw edges, so the sew part doesn’t come out on the toy.
  • Attach the arms using the same process. Now, it’s time for the legs. At first, take those socks made legs, close the opening of them with the ladder stitch and then, attach them to the body using the same stitches.
  • After that, cut out a perfect tail pattern out the foam, roll the foam piece and push it into the socks made the tail Make sure that foam piece dovetails with the sock properly with your hand.
  • When it’s done, sew it up with the ladder stitch and remember to bring the needle through the foam while you are stitching!
  • At the end cut and glue some felt pattern on the back of your Pikachu character and color the tip of the ear with your black fabric marker in the same pattern we see in the pictures. Now it’s absolutely ready to flaunt to your kid’s

Pikachu Soft Toy Step by Step Tutorial Gallery


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