24 DIY Baby Shower Gifts & Basket Ideas / DIY Baby Stuffs for Moms

A baby shower is the most auspicious and probably the best ritual of a woman’s life, when she gets whished and blessed from her near and dear ones for her about-to-born fetus.

This time the would-be parent throws a grand party for the utmost time and invites guests to bless the mom-to-be lady with some good wishes.

In this celebration, we have to present a gift to the pregnant one which could implicate with the unborn and show our positive inclination towards the would-be mom.

Consequently, choosing a perfect gift for a baby shower celebration is significant not to the fetus-carrier but also, for the presenter.

So, here we go some incredible ideas on this regard with 24 brilliant gift suggestions, which would be useful and the ideal present for a would-be mom indeed. Let’s take a quick look below-

1. How to Make Soft and Stretchy Baby Legwarmers  :

Baby leg warmer would be great present indeed for a newborn especially in the winter-prone country where you have to be ready with a new pair of the legwarmer, once the first one is dirty or wet. Hence, you will be surely appreciated for your present, if you come up with a nice pair of cute legwarmer for an unborn. This project will show you how to make a comfortable and classy leg warmer from an old pair of socks through a smart recycling process.

How to sew this baby legwarmers

DIY baby legwarmers out from a pair of socks for Crawling Babies

Turn a pair of socks into baby legwarmers

2. Sew and Gift a Modern Jersey Hat for Babies:

This is a project from the sponge-flower fabric family, which is utterly gentle and suitable to the delicate skin of a newborn. This type of hat not only looks super cute on the head of an infant but also keeps their head as well as hair protected from the unwanted dirt or pollution. The best part of these adorable hats is that they are extremely easy to craft in your own workshop with just a few simple sewing methods. Here is a complete tutorial on this regard, let’s check them out and make your baby shower gift hamper reasonable with some inexpensive yet useful presents.

How to cut, fold, seam soft hats for babies

3. Make a Crochet Baby Cocoon with Free Pattern and Tutorial:

Crochet is a great fabric to prepare several baby-related goodies for their comfort and a crochet-made baby cocoon is just the right gift for any newborn indeed. If you are looking for a perfect baby shower gift then, go for this type of crochet products with loose stitches to keep the cocoon beautiful yet comfortable for a newborn. Here you can get an ideal tutorial for a perfect set of cocoon and hat made of soft crochet fabric to make your baby shower gift-pack absolutely flawless.

In no time you can crochet this baby cocoon set with cascade yarn and 9mm hook – ( Free crochet pattern)

4. Sew and Gift Baby Beanies -DIY Stretchy Baby Hat with Top Knot:

Sometimes, we love some baby hats for its coziness and super chic look but unfortunately could use it for long on a growing baby. In such matter, won’t that be great if you can get a pair of cute baby hats which are stretchable and could be enlarged based on its usability? Well, then here is a perfect baby shower gift idea for you which will show how to craft a stretchy baby hat at home through a simple DIY process along with a supremely cute top knot.

DIY tutorial for sewing baby beanies with top knots

5. How to Sew a Bandana Bib for Baby Shower Gift:

A bib is a cute piece of garment that uses to hang from the neck on the clothing to protect the drapery of a bay from spittle or accidentally spilled food. Definitely, this is an essential part of a baby-clothing, hence, it won’t be a bad idea at all to gift a pair of adorable fabric Bibs as her baby shower gift, isn’t it? This project will show you how to make a trendy bandana bib at home n step by step method.

Step by step tutorial to sew baby bibs for baby shower gifts and DIY mommies

6. Do it Yourself a No Sewing Skill Moby Wrap Baby Carrier:

A baby carrier is one more extraordinarily useful gift for a baby shower celebration and this is among those few things which a new-mom needs desperately after motherhood. Here we come up with an unequally crafted Moby style baby carrier which would be a great use for a new mom. This type of carrier comes with an exclusive sewn pattern and provides you a seam down the center that will keep your baby safe perfectly under the carrier. Let’s check the easy tutorial and make your baby-shower gift bag unique from other in the smartest way.

How to easily sew a Moby baby carrier tutorial for dummies like me ;).

7. Sew it Yourself for Baby Shower Gift -Baby Harem Pants Tutorial:

Harem pants are extremely cozy and trendy to look at the same time, thus it won’t be a bad idea to choose a homemade classy harem pant as a perfect gift for a baby shower invitation, right? Here we emerge with a free-pattern harem pant design which is simple to craft in your own workshop and actually cost a less expenditure than a readymade baby harem pant from the market.

How to sew pant for babies 

8. DIY Adorable Fabric Shoes as Baby Shower Gift:

DIY fabric shoes with trendy designs would be another ideal present idea for a baby shower celebration. These types of shoes are useful from a newborn to a 6-month old infant, thus you need to craft a pattern that could resize for a growing infant, for the best outcome. Here is a complete tutorial of how to make this fabric shoes at home through a simple DIY process.

Being a DIY mommy you can sew this cloth baby shoes for your baby or gift it for your friend’s baby shower.

9. DIY Sew a Mother Bag or Diaper Bag with a Lot of Pockets + More Room for Storage:

A mother, who has an infant or small baby at her home, could easily relate to a mother bag or diaper bag that could carry lots of essential goodies for babies which they need on a regular basis. This type of bag is hugely useful for the new-moms, who travel with their infants. A mother bag also keeps the crucial baby-things organized in a smart way and makes them easy-to-access in a hurry as well. So, certainly, this would be a great gift for a would-be mom in her baby shower celebration.

DIY a practical gift, sew a diaper bag/mothers bag for a baby shower gift or for yourself.

Few more mothers bag/diaper bag ideas: 

Sewing pattern for this bag which comes with an adjustable strap and ruffled pockets.

With this much of pockets, you can have an organized baby diaper bag/mommy bag. – Free sewing pattern for this bag.

For short trips make use of the messenger bag as mothers bag – Bag tutorial and sewing pattern

10. With Love Mama -Sew a Warm Quilt for Your Baby / Baby Shower Gift:

Here is a super pretty DIY quilt idea which you can make for a baby girl easily in your own workshop. The classic collage pattern of this quilt provides this one an exclusive flaunt in a trendy way, and the best part is that this quilt is actually very easy to craft indeed. Despite its intricate resemblance, the simple making procedure of this quilt makes this one a perfect DIY baby shower gift for and DIY lover.

How to sew this adorable quilt step by step tutorial.

11. DIY Tutorial for Pretty Diaper Bouquet as Baby Shower Gift:

A bouquet is a great gift indeed for any type of celebration, but in baby shower event, it would be great if you can make your bouquet with some useful stuff for babies. Hence, what would be more functional than a bouquet make of DIY diapers in this regard? So, here we come with a perfect tutorial of this type of diaper bunch as the ideal gift for a baby shower celebration.

Things you will need for this diaper bouquet and tutorial video.

How to make a Simple and Practical Diaper cake

Step by step pictures for making this diaper cake for baby shower gifts.

One more simple and last minute diaper cake tutorial.

12. DIY a Baby Nesting Basket Cake and Stuff it with Baby Bibs, Lovey, washcloths, Onesies, Trash Bags, and Baby Hats:

A cake would be definitely a delicious gift indeed for a baby shower celebration and a homemade one would be healthier for the mom-to-be as well. Hence, making a tasty cake through a DIY process at home would be a cheap yet brilliant gift idea for a baby shower celebration, isn’t it? Here is a complete tutorial of the making preparation of a homemade cake for a perfect baby shower present through the DIY processing.

DIY tutorial for baby basket cake and shower gift ideas {stuffed baby stuff 😉 } 

13. DIY Burp Cloth for Baby Shower:

Burp cloth is a functional thing for a newborn which uses to wipe the face or sometimes your shoulder too to clean the spreading from a burping of an infant. Usually, these products are made of soft fabric which contains the quick-absorbent quality. This would be a magnificent handmade baby gift for a baby show celebration from every aspect, so, here is a complete tutorial of how to craft this material easily through a simple DIY process.

Save your bucks on these easy to sew baby burp cloths – video tutorial.

14. DIY Knitted Baby Cocoons with Free Crochet Pattern:

The DIY knitted baby cocoons could make magnificent handmade gifts for a newborn or a would-be mom, thus it would be a smart idea indeed to craft such a thing through a DIY process. Here are some free pattern knitted yarn-made baby cocoon designs for you which are extremely easy to craft and could provide the adequate comfort to an infant appropriately.

DIY tutorial for a baby cocoon

Making a pumpkin hat baby cocoon with free crochet pattern

Some more worthy baby cocoon crochet patterns @craftsy

Raspberry stitch free crochet pattern for baby cocoons.

15. Easy DIY Baby Onesies Tutorial – No sew, Heat Transfer, Heat and Bond Onesies:

Onesies are one type of useful garment category for infants which are designed as the bodysuit pattern and sewn with an extension below the waist part, apart from the T-shirt like top part. Don’t get confused with the intricate flaunt of a baby onesie, as actually very simple to make, if you know the right procedure. So, click the link below and get a complete tutorial of this crafting method apparently here.

Onesie Tutorials – 30 baby onesies | How to add numbers to onesies | Onesie with suspender | No sew onesies |

16. DIY Baby Tights for Baby Shower Gift Idea:

Baby tights are one more essential garment part of a newborn which you need in numbers in your collection if you have an infant at home. Hence, presenting some would-be parent this product as a baby shower gift would definitely be a smart idea indeed.

How to sew baby tights

17. Make a Your Own Baby Blanket or Gifting in Baby Shower Basket -Easy DIY Sewing Tutorial:

A blanket is immensely useful bedding stuff for a newborn, and it is even great if you can gather more than one or two comfortable homemade blankets for a newborn at home. Hence, gifting some mom-to-be person with a soft DIY blanket would be a brilliant idea indeed. Here is an easy tutorial in this regard about how to sew a baby blanket quickly at home in your own sewing workshop with a super soft cotton fabric.

How to sew a baby blanket with minky dot fabric.

Soft and bright colored baby blanket – blanket sewing tutorial

18. Easy Summer Tops for Baby Girls DIY Sewing Pattern

If someone expects her newborn in the time of summer then, gifting her with a summer baby dress in her baby shower event would be a clever idea indeed. Here is an easy tutorial for a super chic summer dress for a girl, which you can easily craft in your own workshop with just a few basic clothing materials.

How to sew this baby girl tops -free pattern and tutorial.

19. How to Make a Crib Sheet and Toddler Sheet:

Crib sheet is one more useful bedding component which works functionally for a newborn in a cozy way. So, undeniably it could be a useful gift for a would-be mom in her baby shower celebration. Here we come up with a simple DIY process of making crib sheet in a two-way pattern which you can use for grownup kids as well along with the newborns or infants.

Sew this baby crib sheet

20. DIY Chic Ruffled Bloomer for Baby Girls -Free Pattern:

A baby bloomer is a diaper-type underwire of infants, which usually uses on girl babies rather than the boys. A bloomer looks even cuter when crafts with some chic ruffles, this project will teach you how to make a ruffled bloomer at home easily with a free pattern design through an easy DIY process. Let’s check it out and make a trendy baby-shower gift for your friend, particularly who is expecting a baby girl in the next few days.

How to sew baby bloomers for baby shower gift basket

21. Sew Baby Mittens to keep Babies Hand Warm – No Scratch Mittens for Baby Shower Basket

Mittens keep the fingers of a newborn protected in a complete cozy way, thus, it would be a smart idea to choose this product as your baby-shower gift to a would-be mom from every aspect. Here is an apparent tutorial of how to craft this thing easily at home through a DIY process.

How to sew baby mittens step by step pictures – DIY tutorial

22. Make Gentle Bar Soaps for Mommies, But Gentle Enough for Babies too:

Soaps and shampoos are evenly essential for a newborn as the garments or other stuffs, so, a gentle bar soap would be a good idea too for a perfect baby show gift indeed.

How to make mild bar soap at home for baby shower gifts and basket ideas.

23. Make Baby Lovey Tag Blanket to Keep the Babies Engaged – Good for a Shower Basket Too:

Here is one more useful DIY blanket project for you, which is extremely trendy to look and absolutely comfortable for an infant as well.

How to make a tag blanket for babies – DIY tutorial with step by step pictures.

24. DIY Crochet Nesting Basket with Zpagetti Yarn:

Yarn-made DIY products are always ideal for an infant and thus, they could make a wonderful baby-shower for a would-be mom from every aspect. Here we come up with a unique crochet nesting basket in this regard using crochet and Zpagetti yarn as its basic material for stylish fabric basket for essential baby stuff.

Mypoppet DIY tutorial found on Pinterest

Free Crochet Pattern Basket Ideas

Few more crochet basket ideas which can be used for baby shower baskets.

Fall apple basket || Color Block Crochet Pattern || Make T-shirt Yarn Basket || Little crochet basket || Invisible join crochet pattern for the rainbow basket || Bright and beautiful neon crochet basket

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