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Homemade Potato Recipes: Potato Stuffed Bread Roll Recipe by Kabita

People, who are always seeking for some fantastic recipes for their kitchen, are renowned with the phrase of ‘Kabita’s Kitchen’, isn’t it? This program usually keeps us up-to-date about some tasty Indian dishes, and today, we are here to emphasize one of her delicious fried recipes as a crispy snack. […]

19 DIY Tasty Parathas and Stuffed Flat Bread Recipes   Recently updated !

Parathas are the popular Indian food items that are one kind of stuffed handmade flat bread which is mostly taken as the breakfast meal. These sorts of foods were invented from the northern part of India and gradually spread over the country along with some overseas areas. Parathas are so […]

Some Tasty and Health DIY Roasted Potato Recipes   Recently updated !

Roasted recipes always bring us healthiness along with some exceptional tastes. The roasted cooking pattern takes out the exceptional taste of a recipe as well as makes that food healthy too! The best part of taking roasted foods is that such food could be made with comparatively less oil than normal […]

16 Mouthwatering Mashed Potato Recipes   Recently updated !

Potatoes are one of the favorite vegetables, of the utmost people from all over the world, which basically appreciated for its amazing adaptability, besides its yummy taste! This vegetable which is originally starchy could make a complete meal itself as well as can amalgamate with other vegetables or non-vegetarian materials […]