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DIY Summer Recipes : #3 Summer Appetizers and Popsicle Dessert Treats

Summer is that period of the year where we need to choose our food a bit circumspectly, as it could digest easily and suit the blazing atmosphere of the summer. Salads, ice-creams or freezing desserts would be the nice choice for such circumstance, thus, here we are presenting top 3 […]

26 Pear Salad Recipes

Pear is a juicy fruit that belongs to the shrub species in the family Rosaceae, which appreciated for its unique sweet-sour taste and pulpy content. This fruit is as much beneficial as an apple, thus, several health experts prescribe to eat this fruit on a daily basis. Pear is regarded […]

DIY Facemasks & packs : Top 5 DIY Face Packs to Get Rid of Pimples

Pimples and their scars are those redundant things which nobody desires to have on their surface, as once you got cursed by this problem then, it will be utterly intricate to get rid of these unwanted elements! These stubborn pimples not only depart ugly scars in our face but, sometimes, […]

DIY Recipes: 10 Avocado Smoothie Recipes as the Refreshing Beverage

Avocado is a high nutrition fruit as refer before, and this pear fruit shows real versatility in it every single form, but we must admit that avocado performs much better while used in a sweet beverage, rather than any other dishes! The contained nutrients of this Mexican fruit work remarkably […]

DIY Recipes: Homemade Appetizing Avocado Salads

Avocado is a famous Mexican fruit that contains a single seed and belongs to the berry species. This fruit is high in healthy fats, as it has various nutrient values along with vitamins and minerals. Besides the nutrition value, avocado also tastes amazing and provides a superb glance while adding […]

29 Healthy and Mouthwatering Seafood Salad Recipes

Seafood indicates those kinds of foods which include various sea fishes or shellfishes in its every single dish. According to the expert, seafood is the form of sea-life regarded as food by humans. Hence, Seafood salads are those types of scrumptious vegetable or fruit mixtures that prominently incorporate sea creatures […]