DIY School Supplies: DIY Emoji Erasers and Pencil Holder

DIY Emoji Erasers

It is not possible that we are conversing about the Emoji crafts and Emoji eraser will be away from our discussion! Because, eraser is the most frequent thing where this theme utilize more dynamically, so, let’s check the making procedure below-

Things Needed:

To make such erasers, you will require some eraser clay in different colors, a clear image of your desirable Emoji, and a knife.

How to Prepare:

  • These erasers are super easy to make and you don’t need any extra supplies to craft such thing, apart from some colorful eraser clay!
  • At first, take some yellow eraser clay and make two or three balls from it, after separating the dough into some equal pieces.
  • To make the balls, roll up each clay ball with your hand and set them aside.
  • Then, take some other colored eraser clay-like red, brown, and black and build up your desirable Emoji eraser as per your choice, whether it is a smiley, a poop, or other items like a pizza slice, fruit, burger, hotdog, etc.

DIY Emoji School Supplies – Pencil Holder

Emoji style pencil holder is another mentionable item which we often craft over this theme. The best part of crafting an Emoji pencil holder is that you don’t need too much of additional components to craft this thing! Let’s check out the right procedure of making such items-

Things Needed:

To craft a pencil holder in Emoji style, you will need some glass jars, spray paints, an ordinary sheet, foam papers, pencil, scissor and a hot glue gun.

How to Prepare:

  • At the initial stage, turn out the lids and set them on a table by placing upside down.
  • Now, spray yellow paints to give them Emoji shade and let them dry before jumping to the next step.
  • After that, draw some features on the ordinary sheet and cut them out.
  • Use those pieces as the template and cut out those features from the foam paper to complete the Emoji faces.
  • Once you have got all the desirable features you need, set them on your yellow surface with the hot glue gun, and finish your Emoji smiley based pencil holder for your personal use.

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