DIY Sidewalk Chalkboard Signs and Chalkboard Calendar

Sandwich Board Sidewalk Chalkboard Sign:

Sandwich board sidewalk is a good thing to place for indication towards your wanted side thing. The best part of using a sandwich board is that you can use it on both sides, and it is even more wonderful if you can make a sandwich board out of a chalkboard! As this will allow you to change the inside indication anytime and according to your needs! Sandwich board sidewalk chalkboard always gives us a rustic look in a sturdy object. Let’s check out how you can make this thing in DIY process using some simple ingredients, take a look-

Supplies Needed:

To make such thing, you will need, reclined burn wood pieces with the measurement or 2.5 inches wide, paint, a paintbrush, one blackboard piece with the measurement of 24×37 inches, a saw, drill machine, screws, glue, and some hinges along with a seatbelt item.


  • Firstly, paint out the reclined burn wood with a single coat of paint and let them dry properly.
  • Now, cut out the blackboard from the middle so then, you could get two similar pieces of blackboard for your sandwich board.
  • If the wooden pieces are dried out, cut them into 2 inches wide on each piece.
  • Now, place two wooden pieces edgewise of one blackboard piece and turn the backside on, over those pieces. Then, make two clear holes on each side with a drill machine and set them up with some screws.
  • If you found the wooden pieces are cracked from somewhere, immediately secure it with some wet glue layer.
  • Make sure that the wooden pieces are long in length than the blackboard pieces and when you are done, you will get two framed blackboard pieces, which individually has two vertical legs of reclined wood.
  • In the next step, cut the horizontal pieces on top and bottom for each portion.
  • Now, set the entire parts with lots of screws so then, it could be secure from every single side.
  • Finally take two hinges along with some hinges screws and set those two parts together.
  • Set a seatbelt material underneath the two parts and it would be work as a wonderful sandwich board sidewalk chalkboard sign for your desirable spot!

DIY Chalkboard Calendar and Decor:

Chalkboard décor also could be as a calendar, which will help you to beautify your interior, and at the same time keep you updated about the days and events of the whole year! Let’s check out how you can make a chalkboard decor and a chalkboard calendar, in this article below-

Supplies Needed:

To this type of product, you will need picture frame or cookie sheet, plastic primer, chalkboard paint, painter’s tape, paper, a pencil, a ruler, red ribbon, solid marker, hot glue gun and a piece of chalk.


  • Firstly, take the frame out from the glass and cover the edges with some cookie sheet.
  • Now, spray some plastic primer on the inside area of framed base and let it dry properly.
  • In this gap, take the glass of your framed picture and spray a thick layer of the plastic paint over the glass surface.
  • Allow the first coat to dry for only 10 minutes and then spray the chalkboard paint over this coat on both objects.
  • When the paint coats are soaking out, take a piece of paper, and write down some nice quote for your décor piece. Then, take a different piece of paper and write down the structure or a header of a calendar on that sheet.
  • To trace the writing things, place the piece of paper, trace the words down by pressing a pen’s nip onto the words and when you are done, remove the sheet over the chalkboard.
  • Now, take a permanent solid marker slim, and cover the header portion of your calendar with this marker. After completing the header portions, make the grid of a calendar using a ruler onto that board.
  • Make sure that you have made 5 rows and 7 columns for the calendar structure.
  • Then, set the chalkboard into the frame and then, fill the entire board with a whole layer of chalk by rubbing a piece of chalk over the black surface.
  • After that, make the day and month markings onto the board and it is ready to use on your wall!
  • Now it’s time to complete the chalkboard décor piece and for that bring the tapped cookie sheet and gently remove the tapes from the edges.
  • Trace the header or your desirable quote on the black surface as we did for the calendar and fill the word with the solid marker again.
  • Finally, make the ribbon hanger to the cookie sheet with the piece of red ribbon, and hang it on your room’s wall.
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