DIY Chalkboard Paint for Endless Fun

Chalkboard paint is a nice utilization of chalkboard in a whimsical yet classic way. When a chalkboard use in painted way, it resemble a bit different from the typical slate gray or green shaded boards that we used in schools, no matter you are hanging it on inside kitchen place or room wall! You can craft this paint in varieties of shades depending on your choice. Let’s check out how to make this thing in simple DIY processing-

Homemade Chalkboard Paint

Supplies Needed:

To make chalkboard paint, you will need non-sanded grout, latex paint in any shade you want, mixing container or bucket, a brush or roller, and a paint mixer drill attachment.

How to:

  • At first take the mixing container or the bucket and merge the latex paint with non-sanded grout. Try to take both things with 1:8 ratios, like mix 1tbsp of grout in a ½ cup latex paint!!
  • Now, blend the ingredients very well, otherwise, unmixed granules may be visible on the chalkboard.
  • Use the paint mixer drill to do the job more smoothly and always blend a larger amount of paint before starting the process, so then, you don’t need to stop at the middle because of the material shortage.
  • After that, paint the desirable surface with this chalkboard paint with as many coats as you want. We will recommend you to use two coats for an average or smoothly even surface.
  • When the coats are dried out perfectly, rub the board with chalk marking and the, wiping it off with a dry piece of cloth or towel in a circular
  • After this final step, your chalkboard paint is all ready to use. Just décor the rest parts of your room with contrasting paints to get the best seamless glance of your chalkboard paint!

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