#6 DIY Homemade Egg White Face Masks to get an Envious Skin Type!

Why Egg White Face Mask: We have been observed it since decades that egg white works great on a face mask, no matter, you are merging it with what material and apply it to which kind of skin type! Because, where other beauty products seem experts in a specific category, egg white enriches with numerous beneficial skin nutrients in one receptacle. It not only helps to wash out a pimple and blackheads from our pores but, at the same time, fills our skin impurities with adequate nutrients and prevents the skin aging problem from its root! Let’s check out some best DIY homemade egg white face pack preparations below to get an envious skin type easily-

DIY homemade egg white face mask for young and soft skin

DIY Homemade Egg White Face Masks:

1. Egg White Face Mask with Lemon:

Though egg white is famous for its amazing effect on the anti-ageing crisis, yet acne is that particular section, where this element has shown its equal efficiency to control the problem especially, when merged with lemon juice. Thus, several skin experts have prescribed egg white pack along with fresh lemon juice on acne to kill it from its origin.


To make perfect egg white lemon face, mask you will need 1 egg white and ½ of a lemon along with a spoon and a small mixing bowl.


  • At first, take the egg white into that small bowl and whisk it consciously, until the material turns a bit frothy.
  • Now, squeeze the juice from the lemon piece and add it to the bowl with the egg white.
  • Stir them smoothly with a fork or spoon and apply it instantly after getting a fine paste from it.
  • Now, leave the mask on your face for at least 30 minutes or until tightening.
  • Finally, rinse it off with lukewarm water and apply some light moisturizer on your face immediately.

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2. Egg White Face Mask with Avocado:

Egg white also can work for a fairer looking skin than any readymade fairing cream if can amalgamate with a ripe avocado. Avocado is filled with multivitamins and minerals that benefit our skin massively, and egg white riches with protein and sufficient nutrients, thus these two work tremendously for a healthy and fair skin while merging with each other! Let’s check out the making process below-


Take 1 tbsp of mashed avocado, 1 egg white, 1 fork and a little mixing bowl.


  • Pour both the ingredients mashed avocado and egg white into a bowl and beat with the fork until you get a smooth paste from them.
  • Now, clear your face first with a mild cleanser to remove off the dirt and dead cells from the surface.
  • Then, apply the mask on all over your face and let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Rinse the pack off with cold water, when it starts tightening and apply some light moisturizer on your face instantly.

3. Egg White Face Mask with Yogurt:

Yogurt can hugely promote our skin in a better condition as we all know, and it works to control the disgusting crisis of combination skin when to merge with this beneficial element egg white. Thus, people who got sunburn and sun patches can get considerable advantage from this yogurt-egg white facemask! Take a look at the making procedure below-


Take 3 tbsp of organic yogurt, 1 egg white, a fork, and a mixing bowl.


  • Take the egg white into the mixing bowl and start beating until it turns frothy.
  • Now, add the organic yogurt and whisk again till they make a smooth paste together.
  • Then, apply the mixture on your face and especially, on the sunburn areas.
  • Leave the pack for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse it off with warm water.

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4. Egg White Face Mask with Oatmeal:

Oatmeal works to drag out the dead skin cells, dirt and dust from our face and controls the excess oil from the surface. When it merges with egg white, this thing work for exfoliating along with closing the pores while taking out the dirt and bacteria from inside the cells!


To make this pack take 1 egg white, 1 tbsp of oatmeal, 1 tbsp of raw honey, a fork, and a small mixing bowl.


  • At first, take the egg white into the bowl and beat it up until it turns foamy.
  • Now, add honey and oatmeal, whisk again until all the ingredients combine smoothly.
  • Now, apply the pack on your face, neck and cleavage, leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.
  • You can use normal water to wash it off as well, but warm water will give your more efficient outcome of this pack than normal water.

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5. Egg White Face Mask for Blackheads:

Egg white not only lends a hand to shrink the pores but also helps to drag out the unwanted and ugly blackheads from our skin cells; particularly when to use with facial or toilet tissue paper. Blackheads are created by sebaceous glands that hold dirt and dead skin cells and flaunt so weird on skin. When scrubbing fails to fetch them out from your surface this egg white helps them up by clearing them from derivation. Let’s check out the procedure below-


Take 1 egg, 2 or 3 facial tissues, a small bowl, and a clean towel, to prepare this pack.


  • At the initial stage, separate the egg yolk from the white and take it into the bowl.
  • Now, clean up your face with the proper cleansing process.
  • Then, apply the egg white on your face and rub it gently on all over the skin.
  • Now, place a strip of facial tissue on your face and smoothen it with your fingers carefully.
  • After that, apply the second layer of egg white over the tissue paper layer and then cover the areas with the second layer of tissue stripes.
  • When the layers start to tighten, gently peel off the tissues and wash your face with water to remove the residue.

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6. Egg White Face Mask for Dry Skin:

Egg white may control the excess oil on our face but, sometimes, it also helps to wipe out the unnecessary dryness from our face, specifically when to merge with some kind of beneficial oil in a facemask. Olive oil or coconut oil would work great in such crisis, let’s take look at the making procedures below-


Take 1 egg white, 1 tbsp of olive oil, ½ tbsp of coconut oil, one small mixing bowl, and a fork.


  • Take the egg white into the mixing bowl first, and beat with the fork until smoothen.
  • Now, add the rest ingredients and whisk again for a few seconds.
  • Apply the mask on face and leave for the next 25 minutes.
  • Finally, just rinse it off with lukewarm water dry the face up with a gentle washcloth.

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Benefits of Egg White Face Mask and How Often to Use:

Apart from the abovementioned troubles, egg white also works for Sunburn, Uneven Skin tone, Acne Spot, Pigmentation & Blemishes, wide pores, etc. In addition, it hydrates your skin cells, supplies sufficient oxygen, and nourishes cells to glow naturally. This element contains an extra factor name lysozyme which destroys bacteria and prevents it completely from coming again.

Several times girls feel curious to know about how often they use an egg white face mask to get the benefits of this component the utmost. Generally, several dermatologists suggest applying any kind of egg white pack once in a week, but we will recommend you to use this as per your requirement. Such, if you are applying this to get rid of blackheads or acnes then apply it twice or thrice in a week; but, if you are trying this mask for a better skin surface then once in a week is enough for your cells!

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