DIY Tomatoes: How to Can, Freeze, Peel, Ripen and Make Sun Dried Tomatoes

How to Make Sun Dried Tomatoes:

If you want to preserve tomatoes in a dry form then sun dried tomatoes are the best process ever! To make this kind of item you need to follow the procedure below-


  • At first, rinse some ripe and fresh tomatoes into the cool water for a few minutes and rinse them out with a clear towel.
  • Now, place tomatoes on a chopping board and cut them into quarters with a sharp knife. Cut into half in case you are using cherry tomatoes instead of large tomatoes.
  • Then, remove the seeds along with the slimy part from each piece of tomatoes.
  • After that, seasoning the pieces with some spices, you can use herb seasoning, chili flakes, grounded pepper and salt, dry basil flakes, etc.
  • Now it’s time to dry these slices with proper methods and for that, you need to find a where sunlight stays for a very long while throughout the whole the summer season.
  • Set a wire platter or screen and place the seasoned tomato slices skin side down.
  • Now, cover them with clear cheesecloth for protecting from any birds or bugs.
  • Place the tray of tomato pieces on every morning under the direct sunlight and take them inside after sunset.
  • Keep checking limit of dryness, after every 2 or 3 days and after a gap of 2 weeks, your dried tomatoes would be probably prepared to preserve!
  • People, who are looking for a short process can dry them up in a microwave oven by setting them in a low heat grilling.

Video Idea for Sun Dried Tomatoes

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