DIY Craft ideas: #3 How to Make Glittering Orbeez and Lava Liquid Pen

It looks great when we can decorate our essential product in an unbelievable unique way. The liquid pen is exactly that kind of a product, which provides a captivating glance while emerges with a glittery surface. We have mentioned about the liquid eraser before in a DIY procedure, and today we are come up again with this entirely innovative project. Let’s check out this utterly effortless procedure on how to make glittering liquid pen in a DIY method, take a look at this matter through step by step process below-

DIY Orbeez Glittering Liquid  Pens

DIY Orbeez Lava Glitter Liquid Pen

1.Glitter Liquid Pen:


To make this type of pen, you need one glass made an empty container with cork, one dot pen, some glue, water, some glitters, a Popsicle stick, needle and some coloring playdough along with a little bottle.

DIY Instructions:

  • At first, take out the rifle from the pen, take out the cork as well from the glass container and make a hole into the cork in the same measurement of that rifle. Here, you can take little help of that needle to make bigger that cork hole appropriately.
  • When the hole would be done properly, insert the rifle into that hole and drag out the cork at the upper or neck section of your rifle.
  • Now, cut away the excess part of that rifle from the bottom and stick 1 or 2 drops of glue over there, so then, you can seal it from the end and the ink couldn’t be out on the rifle when you would fill it with the liquid materials.
  • Now, take the little bottle, make a mixture of half water and half glue inside the bottle and make sure that you get the right consistency of 1:2 ratios of both the ingredients.
  • Stir the ingredients well with the stick and then, pour the mixture into the little tube with the help of a funnel.
  • Then, add the glitters into the container and mix it well again.
  • Now, take the rifle with that cork and set it at the open part of the container. When it would be done you will see that only the nip of that rifle is out of the container and the whole rifle set inside the container along with the glittery liquid.
  • Then, take the play dough which must be made from clay to work appropriately. Choose nice colored dough, add some baby oil and stick the dough at the head portion of your liquid pen. Give the dough a perfect shape of a pen’s cap and when its dry a bit, you can use this extremely trendy glitter liquid pen to write some wish or greeting for your personal notes.

2.DIY Lava Liquid Pen:


We need quite the similar components for this hugely attractive lava liquid pen, except the glitter part. So, take a glass container in the same size with its cork, a pen or just the rifle from it, water, baby oil, and red and orange colorings along with some clay dough in the nice and pretty shade.

How to Make:

  • At first, set the rifle with the cork as we did in our previous project.
  • Then, take the glass container, fill it with half of water and add some drops of red and orange shade.
  • Mix it well and then, fill the remaining part of the container with baby oil.
  • Now, all need to do is that complete the rest part as per the glitter liquid pen procedure and your super classy lava liquid pen is all ready to write!

3.Orbeez Liquid Pen:


To prepare this cute pattern in liquid pen category you need a glass container again, some white corn syrup, a packet of Orbeez, clay, dough, rifle, and the container cork.

DIY Instructions:

  • At first, put the Orbeez pieces into the container, and fill it with corn syrup.
  • Now all you just have to do is that put the cork with the rifle into the container and seal it with the colorful clay dough.
  • Finally, you only need to remember that shake it well every time you are going to use this eye-catchy Orbeez liquid pen, that’s it!

All 3 Liquid Pen Step by Step DIY Instruction Video

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