DIY Back to School Crafts: How to Make Marshmallow Eraser for Kids

You guys always appreciate our ventures about school supplies, whether it is the back to school activities article or the simple liquid eraser for kids article! Thus, today we emerge with another school supply project which will definitely entertain your kids in a delightful way. Marshmallow is a confectionary yummy food material that lures several people because of its sugary fluffy taste and milky white glance. Mostly the kids feel unconditional fetish for this product. Accordingly, we thought that how about crafting as an eraser in the pattern of this attractive spongy consistency? Hence, here is our little endeavor on this attempt, check this out-

DIY Marshmallow Eraser Back to school Craft

DIY Marshmallow Eraser


To make this adorable eraser you need

  1. white silicon

  2. A piece of plastic

  3. An eraser block in white shade

  4. Baby powder along with a spatula


  • At first, take some white silicon on the plastic piece, which you can find at any hardware store.
  • Then, take the eraser block and grate it into very smooth condition.
  • Now add these grated eraser block into the white silicon and remember that we need take the equal amount of eraser dust as the white silicon.
  • After that take some baby powder and add this to the silicon-eraser mix to get the right consistency. We are using Jonson & Jonson baby powder here.
  • Keep adding this powder until you get the proper consistency.
  • Now, knead the mixture until you completely wipe out the slimy condition and get totally soft play dough.
  • If you reach the right consistency, take some portions from that dough and give it a shape as an exact marshmallow pop.
  • Make several pops from that dough and keep them dry properly for a few hours.
  • Once they dry to preserve the pieces in a box and use one of them for your daily eraser.

Back to school Craft: How to Make Marshmallow Eraser

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