Glitter n Glow Magical Slime for Girls

No matter how old we grow, but some of us eternally feel a never ending affection towards the fantasy world and magical creatures! Thus, whenever we get a chance to make some crafts of our own choice, products with magical effects are the very first choice we pick. Here is a wonderful project for those fantasy lovers in a simple slime preparation, which we are called the glitter unicorn slime, let’s take a look on that-

Supplies You Need:

To make this craft, you will need some glitter glue in various vibrant colors, a mixing bowl, some water, a mixing spatula, 2 small spoons of borax powder, one cup of hot water, and a measuring container.


  • Firstly, empty a whole tube of glitter glue into a mixing bowl and add a bit of water too.
  • Here you need plain water about half of cup and stir with the glue finely with the help of a mixing spatula.
  • Now, set the bowl aside and take the measuring container to make the other mixture for your product.
  • In the next step, take two little spoons of borax powder into the container and add one cup of hot water into it.
  • Let the powder melt down completely and cool off to the normal temperature before going to the next stage.
  • After that, take the glitter glue mix and slowly pour in the borax mix water to merge them up.
  • After a few minutes, take out the glitter glue thing out of the borax water and knead a little with your hand.
  • When you find that the product is transformed into a completely non-sticky form then it’s all ready to use as a play item for your kids!

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