12 Steps DIY Transparent Slime

Do it yourself or DIY products always instigate us about new and innovative ideas. These DIY slimes are one of those items, which bring us more varieties than we thought! Making slimes are so easy and interesting that kids or toddlers could try their hand in such project enthusiastically. We had discussed on this topic previously and shown you how to make different kinds of slimes with various types of products.

This time we will enlighten your ideas with some slime recipes which will show you the usability of some common household products in slime preparations. These slimes are super starchy, non-sticky and eye-catchy from every single aspect. If you are looking for a project that has both the fun and educational instinct, then, try out one of these below-mentioned attempts to make a DIY slime that will surely delight your mood, check them out-

DIY Transparent Slime:

Transparent slime always lures the attention of babies and small kids because of its unique appearance. But, some parents seem worried about the product borax which exists in the utmost types of slimes! Today, we will show you guys, how you can craft a super transparent slime in without borax quality, let’s check this out-

Supplies You Need:

To make such product, you will need 100ml of clear glue, two mixing bowls, 60ml plain water, saline solution about 30ml, a spoon, baking soda about 0.2oz, and 200ml hot water.

Making of Transparent slime without borax


  • At first, take one mixing bowl, and empty the glue bottle inside it.
  • Then add 60ml of water and 30ml of saline solution into the bowl to make the first mix.
  • Now, combine them well with a spoon and set the bowl aside to merge the ingredients nicely with each other.
  • After that, take another container and add two little spoons of baking soda about 0.2 oz amount into the container.
  • Then add some hot water into that container about 200 ml quantities and amalgamate them with a spoon to melt the power smoothly.
  • Let the mixture cool down properly before going to the next step.
  • When the powder melts down and the mixture cools down adequately, add the first glue mixture in it.
  • Pour the glue mix very gently inside the baking soda mix then stir the water with your fingers.
  • After doing this process for more than 5 minutes, remove baking soda water into another bowl or container.
  • Finally, let the glue mix dry in open air and after a few while, your transparent slime is all ready to play!
  • You can add a few light colors in your glue mix to get a trendy transparent slime to play.

Step by step Instructions: How to make clear slime – DIY Transparent Slime

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