DIY Picture Frames

Picture frames are that one type of element which we often try to craft in our primary DIY process. You know the best part of crafting a nice photo frame is that it doesn’t claim any expensive components to be made, and you can actually craft it from any household […]

DIY Flower Headband & Crown

Contemporary girls love to apply new, new fashion and style on themselves, especially on the parties or events. Relating to some regional fashion statements is considered as the fresh trend of this century, and adorning like bohemian girls is one of the shiniest instances of them. You can find several […]

DIY Sharpie Phone Case & Sharpie Removal

Sharpie Phone Case and More Arts: Do you know that how a little sharpie work could change your dull phone case into some extremely fashionable art piece! Phone cases usually use to protect our phones from any kind of damages but, these fashion freak epoch has shown us how a […]

DIY Sharpie Nails and Rock Painting

Sharpie Nail Art: Nail art using a sharpie is a very recent fashion trend of contemporary girls. Nowadays, this single object is also used to manicure ladies’ nails in an exclusive way. The most applauding part of using these sharpies for nail arts is that you can apply them easily […]

DIY Sharpie T-shirts Pillows and Shoes

Sharpie T-shirt, Pillow, Shoes, and Canvas: Wearing t-shirts, or shoes, which are designed with sharpies, decorating houses or parties with sharpie pillows and canvases, etc. are some other mentionable utilizations of these chic markers. To make a simple drapery instantly eye-catchy, sharpie is the best ingredient. Screen-printing is not a […]

DIY Sharpie Valentines day Gifts and Sharpie Car Doodle

Valentines day BF Gift ideas DIY Sharpie  Just finish your drawing on the mug and dry it out in your oven, before using or washing with water. Do the same process with your saucers as well, and it would be wonderful if you can warm up the designed object in […]

DIY Sharpie Crafts : Sharpie Mugs and Plates

DIY Sharpie Crafts and Sharpie Art Ideas Sharpies are some kind of permanent markers, which allow us colorful creativity in various ways. You wouldn’t find a single reason for not to love them, from their bright and vibrant shades to amazing adaptability. The most excellent part of these sharpies is […]

DIY Emoji Crafts #42 Step by Step Emoji Ideas

An Emoji is a small digital image or icon that is used to express an emotion or condition during the electronic communication. This type of tiny creatures is called smiley that resembles as a little face with a particular facial expression like smile, cry, anger, wing, etc. Nowadays, these tiny […]

DIY Burlap Crafts & Decor #58 Projects

Burlap is a piece of strong and coarse cloth which woven of jute, flax or hemp that is basically used for sacking. This thing generally comes with large weave patterns and work best than other equivalent sacking materials. Burlap is now hugely collecting the foremost market because of its several […]

DIY burlap crafts wreaths pillows table runner bow

DIY Moss Terrarium & Graffiti #28

Terrarium Moss: Terrarium moss is one of the favorite moss designs of the utmost modern people, as it resembles very classy in any portion of indoor and doesn’t claim too much of maintenance to stay fresh. To make such pattern you just need one clear glass container like Mason jar […]