DIY Summer Recipes : #3 Summer Appetizers and Popsicle Dessert Treats

Summer is that period of the year where we need to choose our food a bit circumspectly, as it could digest easily and suit the blazing atmosphere of the summer. Salads, ice-creams or freezing desserts would be the nice choice for such circumstance, thus, here we are presenting top 3 […]

DIY Food Ideas: 34 Desserts Appetizers Drinks recipes for 4th July Celebration

4th July is just knocking at the door and dwellers from the USA are still planning something special for this patriotic day. This federal day has been commemorating with zealousness since the year 1776 and the enthusiasm eventually escalated year after year! Citizens of America honor their Independence Day with […]

DIY Recipes: 9 Homemade Corn Salad Recipes for a Healthy Diet

Corn which is also known as Maize is a nutrition grain, tastes fantastic in every single form. This all-time favorite vegetable most esteemed in the places of the Unitized States and northern America along with Mexico. People of Asian countries mostly use this grain in their meal while they are […]

17 DIY Easy and Yummy Chocolate Truffle Recipes

Chocolate truffles are one kind of chocolate confectionary, which is generally made with a choco ganache centre coated in chocolate, cocoa powder or roasted nut dust. Truffles are traditionally made in spherical or conical or curved shape, which is originally available in the western countries in huge quantities. Though, this […]

Tasty Fingerfood Snack Ideas as Party Appetizer

Any party is incomplete without a delicious food menu as well as a proper food menu devoid of a tasty appetizer! Vegetarian or non- vegetarian, every main course should follow by a yummy snack to accomplish the whole carte-du-jour, and a finger food would definitely be the best item to […]