Daily Archives: July 9, 2016

DIY Summer Treats: #3 Watermelon Cookies Cupcakes & Popsicle Recipes

Watermelon is that one kind of fruits which is considered one of the favorite outgrows of this century, especially for its extremely sugary and juicy extract. Thus, people often seek for new, new recipes and dessert item from this pulpy fruit! We have already seen some amazingly scrumptious summer appetizer […]

DIY Mason Jar Crafts: #33 Mason Jar craft Ideas Even You Can Sell

Mason jar is that one object which we can use for various purposes in several fields. We have already shown you guys how to make enchanted fairy glow glittery jars for your room with these functional mason jars. Today, we are going to instruct you how you can utilize these […]

27 DIY Sock Toys: How to Make Sock Animal Puppets for kids

We are not instructing the making procedure of soft toys with socks, for the first time, we have already mentioned several toy categories with socks in our numerous previous articles. Today, we are going to narrate you some easy ideas on how to make sock animal puppets for kids, because, […]

DIY Back to School Crafts: How to Make Marshmallow Eraser for Kids

You guys always appreciate our ventures about school supplies, whether it is the back to school activities article or the simple liquid eraser for kids article! Thus, today we emerge with another school supply project which will definitely entertain your kids in a delightful way. Marshmallow is a confectionary yummy […]