Daily Archives: July 7, 2016

DIY Glycerin Soap: #3 Realistic Homemade Lemon and Orange Soaps

Glycerin soaps are essential for the winter season, but nowadays, several dermatologists suggest using this kind of soap through the whole year, because of its moisturizer content! DIY products always perform better for skin solutions, which we already observed in our body scrub article, right! After trying our hands on […]

DIY Sock Plush Toys: #3 How to Make Sock Donuts Toys for Multiple Purposes

DIY processing has always shown us how to craft unique things with simple objects. We have already mentioned some easy course of actions on how to make adorable toys using some socks in our previous sock toys article. Today, we instruct you about the making procedure of sock donuts along […]

DIY Craft Ideas: How to Make Various Types of Liquid Eraser for kids

Eraser is that object which used to be one of the inseparable parts of our childhood. These days, we often see several well-designed erasers in the market which easily lure our kids’ attention. Thus, after referring a variety of kid’s related crafts, today, we are here again with a new […]