Daily Archives: June 27, 2016

DIY Crafts Ideas : #5 Recycled Plastic Bottle Crafts

Plastic bottles could use for making several functional things in the recycling way, and today, we will show your some glimpses of those reclamations with these top 5  plastic bottle recycled crafts. Check them out- Recycled Plastic Bottle Crafts STEPS   Recycled Plastic Bottle Watering System Making water system from […]

Homemade Potato Recipes: Potato Stuffed Bread Roll Recipe by Kabita

People, who are always seeking for some fantastic recipes for their kitchen, are renowned with the phrase of ‘Kabita’s Kitchen’, isn’t it? This program usually keeps us up-to-date about some tasty Indian dishes, and today, we are here to emphasize one of her delicious fried recipes as a crispy snack. […]

DIY Flower Craft: How to make a ribbon flower with beads

Grosgrain ribbon is one kind of ribbon that is made from any soft fabric like wool, silk, mohair, nylon woven, chiffon or it could be made with the combination of these soft fibers like silk & wool or chiffon & mohair, etc. This type of gentle ribbon may craft with […]