Daily Archives: June 3, 2016

19 Easy and Striking DIY Bottle Cap Craft Ideas

Bottle caps are one of the simplest components to use as a craft material, as you don’t need to cut or bend it, just assemble them into your desired shape and stick them with glue. Thus, this object considered as one of the preferred elements for kids as well as […]

18 DIY Coaster Ideas With Recycled and Reclaimed Items

Kids are keen on crafting things with simple materials, as this activity instigates the artists in themselves, and fulfill the regular requirements of their home in one receptacle! We have tried several homely appliances through DIY process; now try out one object that is crucial for our daily use. The […]

Some Simple Ideas on How to Craft DIY Planter Boxes

A planter box is a kind of container that holds live plants or flowers or herbs in its torso, which is basically placed at outdoors to escalate the beauty of the whole backyard view. You can also use these boxes for other edible plants or vegetables, apart from the herbs […]

Some Awesome Birthday Party Ideas over the Mickey Mouse Theme

Mickey Mouse is a Walt Disney franchised that is originally an animal cartoon character, which has got immense popularity from the kids of worldwide! Though Mickey is loved by the both girl and boy kids yet, this cartoon persona mostly relates to the boys personality. Thus, you can see several […]